[Sorority Stuff] The Last of the Lasts

So, my sorority related posts are pretty much going to become fairly sparse from now on as I have officially become a ZTA alumnae, and I will not be participating in all the fun stuff being at college brings. I'm probably going to do a compilation post down the line and maybe some alumnae and crafty things, but overall, it's time to bid adieu to one of the biggest parts of my college career. So, here's a few of the final things I've done with this great chapter of mine.


My last Zeta formal! I had a ton of fun dancing into the night (and by night, I mean like 10:30...). It's about the closest thing I get to dancing in clubs in Madrid, and I took full advantage. I refused to be concerned about any drunk shenanigans or anything, and I just danced. My thighs hurt the next day!

Alumnae Ceremony
In our last ritual, we were made into alumna! These are a few of the seniors who were around for the pictures after brunch. Emily made the cutest lunch for us after the ceremony, and we went to the apartment of a few sisters to sit around and talk and laugh and muse on being old and graduating.

Senior Ceremony
Little hidden there!
To celebrate being seniors, we all went out to dinner at the Fish Whistle, and then went back to celebrate with the rest of the chapter, giving speeches for each senior and giving them gifts of letters from all the sisters. I cried, of course.

Can't believe this incredible experience is coming to an end. Nothing felt quite real until this moment!

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