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Items to Make any Outfit Chicer
So, as I've been browsing different fashion inspirations now that I have more free time than I know what to do with, I've been noticing little trends. This is purely my opinion on what I find stylish, of course, but I feel every time I look at an outfit and think, "Wow, I want to wear that," there's always one or two elements that contribute to that model-off-duty feel. So, I decided to compile a list!
  • A Watch: I prefer gold because I think it's totally classic, but it all depends on your jewelry preference. A very clean, classic watch without too many crystals or too busy a face instantly adds a little something to an outfit.
  • A Pair of Sunglasses: I'm an aviators fanatic, but I understand you gotta find what fits your face. I just think there's so much history in aviators--from the fifties and sixties to the Top Gun look to today. I love them. And, of course, we all know from celebrities just how much a pair of good sunglasses can help. Aviators (and wayferers) help add to that casual just-threw-this-on style.
  • A Structured Handbag: I love structured handbags--especially the kind you carry on your arm (of course have that extra strap for when it gets too tiring). There's something eternally elegant about them. Today I'd try to go for something in saffiano leather. 
  • A Blousey White Top: This top will take you through anything. Tuck it into a work skirt for a polished look or throw it over a pair of skinny pants for something more casual.  
  • A Pair of Medium Wash Skinny Jeans: Even I, who hates jeans for the most part, understand the power of a good-fitting pair of skinny jeans. Dark wash is much too dark and often will rub on clothes and purses, and light jeans can easily be both unflattering and too light for more wintry weather. Medium was is simple and will generally go with anything. Find a pair that fits properly (I'm still searching!) and have tailored if necessary.
  • A Pair of Black Skinny Pants: Not black jeans, black pants. Same reasons as for jeans! They're a step up from leggings, and almost as comfortable. 
  • A Jean Shirt: I'm actually obsessed wit jean tops! They ought to be oversized (maybe go to the men's department!) and very casually. Wear it open over a thinner top or buttoned up with a scarf or under a sweater...Wear it with printed pants or shorts or anything really. 
  • An Army Green Vest: I'm in search for one. I just think it's such an easy model-of-duty addition It looks great layered with bold necklaces or over floral prints... It's such a unique and yet neutral piece.
  • A Pair of Leather Shorts: Keep them bigger and longer so they don't become hoochy. I prefer brown, but black could work just as well. Leather shorts are great for adding a different texture to any outfit.
  • A Pair of Nondescript Black Heels: Duh :)

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