[Style Files] The Transparent Brand

Let me tell you something. Facebook has been nailing it with the ads for me lately. After a successful experience with Graze, I was intrigued by an ad for Everlane as it used the words "luxury" and "$15" in the same picture. I'm all about good quality for cheap quality prices, so I clicked, interested in what I was being promised. And what a whirlwind. Basically, Everlane is all about radical transparency, according to its "About" page. It wants you to "know your factories, know your costs, and always ask why." After being greatly disappointed in TOM's business practices (I wrote a post on it somewhere), I sort of gave-up on being conscious in terms of clothing in general. However, as I'm getting older and wanting to put my travel dreams into reality, I'm beginning to realize I need to be pickier about what I buy. Quality over quantity, right? 

Anyhow, Everlane was launched the same time I was entering college in the fall of 2010 by Michael Presyman who "left his job in venture capital to start his own business." They're based in San Francisco with a team in New York City, and their mission is to find the best factories for each creation, whether it be a rayon T-shirt or the gorgeous, Italian leather Petra bag that I will own one day. Everlane says they visit factories for months and establish personal relationships with the owners in order to ensure the factory's integrity. I absolutely love that they "require stringent workplace compliancy paperwork." They also will reveal the manufacturer's cost and their markups to show you that they aren't ripping you off, like a lot of designer brands.
Keep in mind, this brand isn't out to compete with the likes of Forever 21 or Old Navy (two stores I love for their cheap, cheap prices). Rather, it's focus is on transparent, minimalist luxury. Yes, that slouchy cashmere sweater is going to cost you $140, but you're also going to know that it's 100% Grade A Cashmere for a softer and warmer knit, and it was created in a factory in Hong Kong, run by Mr. Chu, a man who started as a factory worker and has a "unique slow-growth philosophy." 

For the longest time, I thought this was a little known brand, but I keep seeing recommendations for it everywhere from Into Mind to WhoWhatWear. Here's to hoping it grows even more and maintains this beautiful transparency. 

All photos from Everlane's insagram: @everlane


  1. Thanks for the rec!
    As I've gotten older (I'm way older than you) I'm def more into quality over quantity, so I appreciate you introducing me to this line.
    Can't wait to see your travel posts! :) I'm a fan from your previous blog and enjoy reading about your travel adventures.


    1. Hi, Yessi! I remember you :) I'm working on that travel blog (hopefully turning it into something more, but that will be far, far into the future)!

      And you'll love Everlane. I'm actually obsessed now! I can't wait to start buying from them (aka when my next paycheck arrives!)