Collages of College

You knew I'd use that pun at one point. I don't know why you're even surprised. Here is my last four years in pictures, and to think that even these don't totally capture the experience and the people I met! I can't believe the difference between the girl blowing kisses into the webcam in the first collage and the girl (or should I be cheesy and say "young woman" or "young lady"?) in the sparkly silver dress in the last collage. Washington College was a true experience all around, and I'm not sure this whole alumnae status is going hit me until I don't return in August.
Freshman Year
Highlights: Became instant friends with my Peer Mentor group, became best friends with my roommates, studied Mandarin for a bit (before my tutor got deported), went out on the weekends, got to visit DC, did a mini-triathlon, bonded with a taxidermy beaver named Peter, had my first kiss (sad, I know), made friends with people around the world and right in my backyard

Summer in Seoul, South Korea
Highlights: Met friends who I still have today, ate food I still dream about now, studied at one of the best universities in South Korea, embraced this whole Asian thing, came this close to seeing my beloved Oppa in person (fangirling, man), got to go to a music show (Inkigayo), got to see G-Dragon in person, chopped off my hair for an SNSD Jessica circa 2009 "Gee" days cut (not recommended), survived one of the rainiest moonsoon seasons Seoul has had yet, finally, FINALLY tried a French macron, fell absolutely in love

Sophomore Year
Highlights: Learned the meaning of "overworking," became a part of the Peer Mentor crew, white Halloween, joined ZTA, got my biggity big big and joined the City Fam, saw Chicago live on Broadway in NYC, went to California for a week to visit aforementioned Seoul friends, visited San Francisco

Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain
Traveled to a billion different places in Spain and around Europe, made friends I still talk to today, used and abused my Instagram account, ate wayyyy too much McDonald's (it was right by the metro station I used to go everywhere and had free Wi-Fi!), got a hang of that Spanish thing, danced the night away at discotecas, schooled peeps on "Gangnam Style," met up with WAC friends in England, just basically fell in love with travel even more

Junior Year
Highlights: Finished up my last year of swimming, got my leeetttleeee, became best friends with my big and little, had a ride of a time living in an apartment with my roommates, got to spend a last semester with some of my favorite seenyas, met my 3G in person finally, studied black history on the Eastern Shore

Senior Year
Highlights: My two cousins got married, danced with my mom and grandmom (or more we "boogied"), went out to the bars of Chestertown, spent countless nights in Freddy, had my last Peer Mentor activities, went to an outdoor camp with the PMs on my 21st, got a guy to serenade me and my birthday twin, learned about "The Jungle Man," got my G-little, became even closer with my sisters, had my last Relay 4 Life, chopped my hair off again, ran the Susan G Komen Race 4 the Cure, GRADUATED

I can't wait to see what life has in store for me, but I can't believe my four years ended already. Going to miss you, C-town.

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