[The Insta Life] Beginnings of Summer

If you can't tell, I'm a foodie instagrammer. I love it! Here's about the end of the year leading towards the beginnings of summer (right before I jumped into working part-time again leading up towards leaving for my job-job). 
  1. With my siblings! My family came to college for Mother's Day, and we went out to dinner by the waterfront. Can you guess who's the oldest?
  2. Delicious food at Lebanese Taverna: I helped out with the set-up of the Sophie Kerr event in Baltimore, and Owen suggested stopping at one of his favorite restaurants in Annapolis on our way. It was absolutely amazing--fresh pita bread and Lebanese food... I wish I could go back right now, actually.
  3. Dessert: At the after-party for the SK Event, we stopped by the after party. Dessert was hard to get, so we grabbed this guy the first chance we got. Delicioussss.
  4. Homemade Sushi: When my Big came back for graduation festivities, she finally put to use her sushi making kit. It was pretty delicious, but I think we're both more for just eating out next time after all that effort.
  5. Our Relationship: My big's and mine relationship in a nutshell haha.
  6. Kellyanne! Kellyanne was the only other 2014 graduate in my pledge class. It's so sad we're leaving the rest of our PC.
  7. Booze Cruise. A shot of the ship as we were walking towards it at Mt. Vernon. WC started this tradition my freshman year where the seniors toast at Mt. Vernon, George Washington's home. A night of dinner, dancing, and enjoying the summer air up top the ship-- #privateschooljoys
  8. Alex & Ani: The A&A bracelet my little got me for graduation--I'm obsessed! It's the Path of Life charm.
  9. Ingredients for a fruit smoothie: The minute I get more strawberries I'm making this again...

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