[Sorority Stuff] On Why I Joined One...

...and why I'm glad I did.
I feel I should begin this post to explain more about me a little. Before I tell you all the ways in which I do not fit in with the stereotypical image or how my parents thought I was joking when I said I was going to rush, let me make this disclaimer. I am in no way, shape, or form trying to make myself seem different, and therefore cool. I am different, but so is every other person in the world that I have ever met. What I want to explain to you first and foremost is who I was sophomore year when I decided to actually try rushing and why I ultimately joined ZTA. 

I have always been the quieter overachiever since high school. I worried about getting B's, my friends were all pretty much like me, I took every AP class under the sun, I worried so much about college I was constantly sick, I swam competitively all year round, and I thought I could do everything academic-athletic-social. Although I made some changes my freshman year, the basic foundation was and will always be there. I was lonely sophomore year fall semester. I was balancing working multiple jobs, taking classes, swimming, being an officer in different clubs, and missing my friends who were abroad or who had transferred terribly. Any small change I made freshman year (whether it was slight, slight, romantic interactions or going out more or what have you), reverted all back to my high school self. I passed out in my bed at 8 pm on a Friday--no one was going to call me to go out and I had just finished a long day that began at 8 am and involved a 2 1/2 hour swim practice somewhere along the way. I could barely make the walk from the Dining Hall to Chester let alone contemplating socializing on the most social night of the week.

And then I thought about my recent time in Seoul and my favorite group ever (SNSD). I've never been the most social or outgoing person, and in high school, when I was first becoming interested in K-pop, I would watch all the variety shows and programs SNSD was on. And I liked the idea of what they were. They were nine girls who not only performed as a group together (formulated completely by their agency, SM Entertainment), but they, at the very least, put off this image of sisterhood. They all lived together, and while they each had their own lives and interests and entertainment activities, at the end of the day they were there for each other. They could be busy for months on end in separate directions (a musical, a modeling gig, a variety show, a drama guest appearance) and trust that they could always come back to this one group, SNSD. I realized, I didn't just want that. I needed that. I was never going to completely slow down, and I had yet to find a group of friends or teammates that cared enough to be the kind of support system I saw in SNSD. 

Then I started to consider the sororities on campus and all my acquaintances who were in one of them. I saw them walking together or having an unofficial table where they always could sit at if they wanted too. I knew girls in every sorority, and I also knew they were all busy in separate directions. But, ultimately, they all showed up to a meeting together once a week; they came together to put on shows and activities, and I knew they could all hangout over lunch or in one of the Western Shore houses. And I slowly realized that sorority life could be my SNSD life. 

And I rushed.

Rushing was a little dramatic towards the end--that's something I won't go into, but I ultimately wound up with ZTA (who has nine founders, as if fate wasn't playing a role there!). And three years later, post-graduation, I couldn't be happier that I did. I got my SNSD even if I didn't totally realize it at times. Whatever I did in college, no matter if I disappeared into my work or studies for weeks or went on some tantrum of frustration, I could always, always come back to ZTA and be treated no differently. And I know, no matter where I go in the world, I can always come back in whichever way I choose and be unconditionally welcomed. If that's cheesy, then just look at all the alumna chapters exist for every sorority. Or even look at weddings--I betcha there's at least one sister invited or even in the bridal party. 

I'll delve into the details of Greek Life in later posts as I think of them (like the money question and whatnot) since this post is already far too long. But in my contorted, clearly-me view, this is why I wanted to join a sorority and why I will be eternally grateful that I did. I'm not 100% sure if this TL;DR post made total sense, but we'll see when I inevitably reread and edit it! 

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