[Style Files] The Artist

As the summer months come rolling in, I've been much more inclined to the artistic side of my style personality. I love the ease and comfort of something slouchy and comfortable. I've been cleaning up and updating my Pinterest a lot in my spare time (watch sitcom, clean up a Pinterest board), and I've been collecting this fun little "Artist" board of all the different looks or pictures that inspire that artistic, slightly hipster side. I'd like to imagine myself in a pair of slouchy trousers with an olive shirt haphazardly tucked in with my hair naturally wavy while riding my bike home from the farmer's market, burlap sack filled with all sorts of fresh goods. I'd make a fresh green smoothie and then get to work writing by an open window or attempting at watercolors while my cat curls up at my feet or on top of some papers... 

Anyhow, hope you're all enjoying the sun and warm air as much as I am!

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