Currently I'm...

  • Reading... Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I know! I'm way late on this train. 
  • Playing... Sims Freeplay on my mom's iPad... I'm going to have to delete it soon! Too addicting.
  • Watching... "I Need Romance," this Korean drama that's supposed to be like "Sex & the City." There's three in total, and I went backwards, so I'm almost done with the franchise. Let me just say that I've never laughed so hard.
  • Trying... to find a recipe for Cronuts...
  • Cooking... lots of yummy food ahead of time for meals throughout the week. Also some Ramen...
  • Eating... S'mores with my family!
  • Drinking... Diet Coke, which I've discovered that I lost the taste for...
  • Tweeting... About cats, the Liberty in North Korea summit, Kyuhyun being perfect... The usual ;)
  • Crafting... Some presents!
  • Going... to Greenlane for Father's day tomorrow! And, ya know, work.
  • Loving... My new notebooks (some shown above!)
  • Hating... Nothing really! Life is pretty calm right now as I'm prepping some things to come in the fall!
  • Discovering... Just how bad my wanderlust is.
  • Enjoying... The gym! Again! I keep it pretty low key, going on a cardio machine for 45 minutes while watching my Kdramas, and then I do a Pinterest workout. I usually follow the Tone it Up plans.
  • Thinking... How terrible my sleeping schedule is.
  • Feeling... Not at all tired, even though I should be!
  • Hoping (for)... A fast return on my FBI CRC.
  • Wearing... Well, an oversized college sweatshirt and yoga pants. But I did look presentable earlier today in a black peplum dress and these cute sandals I got from Target! Not to mention the gorgeous necklace my friend made me for my birthday last year.
  • Listening (to)... So. much. good. music. Sam Smith is love. So are these Kdrama OSTs. 
  • Celebrating... Father's Day!
  • Smelling... The MK Very Hollywood perfume I found in my room.
  • Thanking... God, of course! 
  • Considering... A lot of different career plans, actually. The world's my oyster, right?

I also loved reading these, and for some reason I have yet to do one on here!

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