[In the Mix]: June 2014

I was just looking at my old "In the Mix" posts to see how I should set this playlist up, and I realized it's almost been exactly a year since I last did a post like this! Hopefully I can think to do these more often as they're pretty fun, and I obviously change up my musical preferences with the season (but seriously, I'm not even kidding!). 
"8Dayz"-So obsessed with this song! It's so sweet and so cheerful. I discovered it when I was going through the weekly music Kpop shows (it's been so long since I've done that), and she immediately reminded me of a Korean Taylor Swift. Just saying, I called Kpop moving towards this direction (less manufactured Kpop and more singer/songwriter type performers). She's a Youtube singer who signed with Soul Shop Ent., and I'm pretty excited to see what she comes up with next.  
"Stay with Me"- So, my siblings and I share an iTunes account with my dad, and this often means we get songs we don't necessarily want. They get K-pop and indie songs, and I get country and punkish boy band songs. However, I'm so glad my sister downloaded the whole Sam Smith album. It's been less than 24 hours, and I'm already obsessed with his voice. This song is just so sad and emotional, and yet, it has a catchy vibe to it. It's my perfect writing song. 
"Now and Forever"- This was the song that made the main male lead, Joo Wan, famous in the US as a composer. It's got a jazzy vibe to it, and even though the English pronunciation is horrendous, it's unbelievably catchy. 
"Pretty Brown Eyes"- I have a thing for bubblegum pop music, and this is no exception. Doesn't hurt that I have brown eyes either. 
"Problem"- As if I couldn't love Ariana Grande or Iggy Azalea anymore. I didn't include "Fancy" to this list because, really, I've been jamming out to that song since March, so it's kind of faded on my summer list. This song is just so fantastic, and I already posted the video to show my obsession.  
"My Oh My"- Like I'd make a playlist without SNSD. This is a Japanese song, and totally catchy in a totally bubblegum way. 
"That's My Kinda Night"- I don't like country, and I love this song. You know you do too."Best I Ever Had"- Another fantastically catchy song with clever lyrics. 
"Boomerang"- This was the last song on the mix CD my friend sent me, and it's one of the ones I replay constantly. You know how I am with boy bands. Even though the references are a little off (like Audrey and James Dean?), it's so perfect as a blast-in-your-car song that I can forgive it. 
"Into the Blue"- Another song from the mix CD. I love Kylie. 
"Hung Up"- Another mix CD song, and my favorite by far. I get so into singing along to this song that I'm pretty sure I've frightened my car neighbors. 
"All the Way"- I knew of Timeflies, but for some reason I thought they were techno-y, so I didn't really give them a chance. Then all of a sudden this song came up on an 8tracks playlist, and I couldn't stop listening. It's so sweet! 
"Say Yes"- This song brought Destiny's Child back together and it meshes Jesus with a dance beat. What's not to love? 
"그대와 함께"- Or "With You" in English. This is a remake of a 90's song, and I got addicted from watching "Reply 1994" so fast. Plus I just find B1A4 to be absolutely precious.  
"Pop a Bottle"- Another mix CD song! I swear if Allison ever wants to give up law, she could go into DJing. This song reminds me of Rita Ora, and it's such a summery song.  
"I Could Give You Love"- Another slower song. It's from "I Need Romance 2012," and it's so emotional. It was played at all the sad, poignant moments, and it might be my favorite song from the franchise so far! 
"바람났어"- This is a bit of an oldie from 2011, but I rediscovered it transferring songs from my old computer to my new one. I just love G-Dragon and everything he does. He's quite a genius, even if he's uncomfortable with that word! 
"You Sound Good to Me"- Another super summery song that I'm addicted to. I can't wait to see what else Lucy comes up with! 

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