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What's in My Bag

My bag is actually quite messy right now, so I thought I'd do more of a cleaned up version of what's inside of it! Yes, if you remember, I fell in love with the MK Selma this time last year, and I got her as my big Christmas present. She was pretty unused during the spring semester as I needed more totes than purses at school, but now that I'm becoming an adult, I use her just about every day. She's perfect in case you were wondering, and I absolutely love how well saffiano leather holds its shape. I also am not a big brand person, so I like that the Michael Kors is written discretely across the top. Anyhow, here's what's inside.
  • A pink Kate Spade wallet- Mine is a little different as it's from the Kate Spade Outlet. I'm not into being matchy-matchy with my purse and the inside accessories, and I prefer to complement it actually. Since my bag is such a neutral color, I opted for a fun color in my wallet (after all I'm the only one to see it!) instead of something boring. I also really like the organization of my wallet on the inside.
  • A Lilly Pulitzer agenda- Just got it! After my old one ended last December, I got a big one from Target for the year, but I found that it was too big for everyday life (especially post-grad). I wanted to get the Trippin and Sippin print, but since my local store didn't have, I got the Lilly Lovers one in Large. Any other size is either too big or too small, so I find this one's perfect for me! Plus I love the attention the designers put into the agendas from the sticker 
  • Eat, Pray, Love- I'm a really slow reader... Loving the book so far! 
  • Gum- Always. I'm such a gum addict sometimes. 
  • Water- I feel like I'm always thirsty, even when I'm fully hydrated. I always have water on hand somehow or another, and I feel like I'm dying when I forget it.
  • Pens- I always have a pack of pens or at least one floating around my purse. I keep them in this little case usually so they don't stain in the inside of the bag.
  • Michael Kors Sicily aviators- I have them in gold, and they're only aviators I've found that fit my face well enough! You can see me wearing them on my About page. I keep them in a hard case, FYI. 
  • iPhone 4S- Since I lost my phone last fall, my replacement came in the form of an iPhone 4S. It will actually be a lot easier to transfer my phone to a Korean SIM card this way. When I was in the J.Crew Factory Outlet earlier this summer, I picked up a cute little phone case for like 4 bucks, but I can't find a picture of it online. 
  • EOS lip balm- How cute are these things? 
That's it! What do you keep in your purse?

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