{TV Talk} You From Another Star (별에서 온 그대)

Here's the quick synopsis. Don't laugh, it works a lot better than you'd think. Kim Soo Hyun is Do Min Joon, an alien who came to earth 400 years ago during the Joseon dynasty. He ages differently than humans do, so he still looks like a K-pop star gone global at the Grammy's young in the present. Because he gets sick mixing with human saliva (like sharing food or lips), and because it's obviously hard to be lifelong friends with people who age while you don't, Min Joon is a loner. A loner who's 400 years rich and teaches some confusing college class as a brilliant, Harvard-educated professor. He's every bit the 400 year old grumpy pants old man too, which is totally comedic. Anyhow, on the female side of this love story is Jun Ji Hyun as the biggest Hallyu star ever, Chun Song Mi. She's so big her face is on this super expensive billboard that she can see from her apartment window. She gets away with being a diva because she's the big star. Netizens love her as much as they mock her. Her ego is so big, it is both her downfall and the perfect coupling with Min Joon's crankiness. This story mixes the alien plot, a murder plot, and the highs and lows of celebrity life all wrapped up into this epic love story between an alien who's ready to go home and a Hallyu star who hasn't felt home since childhood. 

Before I finally watched this show, I heard so much about it! I mean, it made a little appearance on Wendy Lookbook's Favorites videos. I don't even know the last time my K-drama world and fashion blog world crossed over! I had heard about the Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun's chemistry on The Thieves, and, of course, I know Ji Hyun from My Sassy Girl (which I actually only just watched in May!). I also knew, though, that this was an SBS drama, 1-1 1/2 hours long, and 20ish episodes. Considering I was just coming off the "I Need Romance" franchise from tvN, I was still in the midst of enjoying a raunchier, quicker side to Korean dramas. However, I tend to trust dramabean's reviews, so I dove into this drama with skeptical but high hopes...

...And I got exactly what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong, this drama is absolutely fantastic. It's really me, I promise. I've grown more skeptical of love stories over the years. Sixteen-year-old me would have reacted to this show quite differently than twenty-two-year-old me. The drama was absolutely hilarious, and I really felt every time Ji Hyun or Soo Hyun cried. However, drama, I've got some serious questions! I can't buy into the epic love and the ending without knowing the answers:

  • What are we gonna do when Ji Hyun ages and Soo Hyun stays the same alien forever?
  • They talk about babies, but, excuse me, dude can't even kiss without getting deathly ill! How are they going to make babies?!
  • I'm so confused over his return/not return/worm hole portion. I just don't get it. Like, at all. Some explanation would be nice, especially because you had more than enough time! 
  • Seriously, the sex part? How are you going to explain that?
  • And Park Hae Jin's character. Seriously? I would have preferred him being with Yoo In Na over still being Ji Hyun's right hand man. I mean, she's obviously never going to separate from Ji Hyun.
  • So this wormhole thing. Is he ever going to not go to it? What happens exactly when he's there? Why did he never return to his star/planet?
  • Explain these babies that they may or may not have! 

Over all, though, it's a beautiful drama. I don't know that I fell as hard for it as others, but I definitely enjoyed it.I think I'm too jaded (or I skipped ahead and watched to make sure they got together at the end -cough-) because I found the crying to be a bit much by the end even if it did pull at my dead heart strings. I loved all the characters, even the crazy murderer in Shin Sung Rok. Speaking of which, I'm slowly making my way through "Trot Lovers" and "Fated to Love You," both of which are making my life. This is the first time I'm watching shows as they air on television and not binge watching, and I kind of hate it even if it keeps me from staying up until 4 a.m....


Samantha Elisabeth

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