[The Insta Life] Midsummer

Is it just me, or is summer flying by? I went to write the date the other day, and I was surprised at having to write a "7" instead if a "6." Anyhow, my summer has been pretty uninteresting/calm relatively speaking. I have managed to get a little traveling in, albeit mostly by car (which is the worst!). Otherwise, I've been working, trying not to spend, and trying to save for this upcoming fall (more to come soon, hopefully!). Also, I've been trying to get a healthier lifestyle with working out and, over all, eating better. It seems to be working, bit by bit, and I can feel it in my clothes and the different floor exercises I do when I work out. I'll go into that more when I'm nearing the end of my weightloss/get healthier journey! Anyhow:
  1. Grilled is so much better. My mom made these a while ago on the grill, and they were so delicious. It was so easy to make with veggies and chicken. I'm so picky about how my chicken is prepared (more often than not, it's too dry for me), but this was perfect.
  2. Haute Chocolate... I said over all healthy haha. This white chocolate milkshake was definitely a treat, and it was so good. If you're ever in West Reading, PA, stop by Haute Chocolate and get a shake! So worth it.
  3. My poor dog... My mom got my dog this haircut in the beginning of the summer, and it was pretty awful. Like think of that time you got the worst haircut of your life and multiply by 1,000. She's still growing out her fur!
  4. Father's Day Breakfast...I'm such a breakfast person! We went to this diner near my house for some Father's Day breakfast before i had to go to work. I'm always the person who looks for that big breakfast deal (2 eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, 2 pancakes, etc) because I love it so much.
  5. Harrisburg! I finally visited Harrisburg, even if it was for like an hour. I had to get some paperwork done up there, and it was faster/easier to just drive than mail it all in. If it hadn't have been raining, I would have tried to stick around, but sadly it was pretty gross out, so I got in and out as quickly as possible! I did snap a picture of the main building, though.
  6. Bowling... A weekend or so ago, I went with my siblings to celebrate one of my cousin's birthdays, and we went bowling! Let's just say I was never quite meant for the sport...Also my nails got seriously ruined!
  7. Sunset over the Potomac... Just one of the shots I got form the Kennedy Center terrace of the sunset. Did I mention I'm obsessed with sunsets?
  8. Bimbimbap... A better look at the food I got with Nikki when I was in DC. Instead of beef, I had spicy pork on mine. 
  9. My Helene USA bracelet! More on this too come in the next week or so! I'm obsessed, and you can check her out on etsy! Such cute jewelry, high quality, and everything is Made in the USA.

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