Summertime Inspiration

Hi all! Currently recovering from July Fourth Weekend. While you all were out with friends and family drinking Natty Boh on the beach while watching fireworks and wearing red, white, and blue in the most creative ways possible, I was working every closing shift at work! Suffice to say, I was exhausted by Sunday night, catatonic all Monday on my day off, and finally getting back into it today. I'm planning some fun posts for the blog coming up, so stay tuned! In the meantime I'm dreaming of vacationing in the some European countryside looking like an Asian Brigitte Bardot. I've been scouring my tumblr to save some pictures for inspiration, and I've collected quite a bit of Bardot in the summer inspiration.
The hair. The gingham. The skirts.... 

[All pictures nabbed from my tumblr!]

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