[TV Talk] The Shows I'm Gonna Miss

This post is coming a bit late (considerably after all these shows have been announced as no-gos!), but as a sitcom-lover, I thought I'd share some of the TV shows I'm really gonna miss in the Fall line up next year. I found them to be funny, witty, and over all entertaining (with a character whose style I'd like to emulate...). These are shows that have been cancelled for whatever reason or another.

Friends with Better Lives
Does anyone else feel like this show didn't even get a chance to find its voice before CBS axed it? It was an odd concept, and I know I saw the main complaint as too much emphasis on sex jokes (which, really, stop being so conservative). I love James Van Der Beek (ever since the "Don't Trust" shenanigans), and I'm sad to see another sitcom of his get cancelled so soon. I though the cast had good chemistry, and it really just needed to find its pacing (the "engaged couple" was a little fast for the pilot!) in the comedy. Over all, though, I thought it had hope! CBS, you gave it like four episodes! 

Trophy Wife
At least you got a full season... I absolutely LOVED this show! I thought it was so funny, and I thought the whole cast was strong in their performances, even the goofy kids. How on earth did this not get renewed, ABC? From the summary alone, it seems like a hard sell (i.e. How are we gonna make the dad not look kinda sleezy and the newest wife not a gold digger?), and they pull it off beautifully. I thought Pete and Kate were pretty cute together, and the two ex wives hilarious in their own right.

The Crazy Ones
WHY? WHY? WHY? This was such a funny show! I enjoyed the antics and the over all ridiculous factor. I loved all the characters, all the scenarios, all the Robin Williams... And the bloopers at the end were such a nice touch. I'm going to miss this show so much! It was one of the few shows I had to watch at the proper time every week instead of waiting to watch online later. 

Not Gonna Miss
  • Mixology- Cute idea, bad execution, cliched ending. It might have been cuter as a romcom movie, but as a TV show it got boring. People get tired of seeing actors in the same clothes for weeks no matter how much we all wished we could pull off that red dress.
  • Super Fun Night- I lasted two episodes with this. It was just weird, and it reeked of sadness underneath the comedy. 
  • Bad Teacher- One episode. Oh my gosh, the movie wasn't even that great and that had the charm of Cameron Diaz. What made people think turning it into a TV show was going to be a good idea?
  • Enlisted- I wanted to like this show, but I just don't think I ever got into it. All it really had was the cute leading actors and the occasional funny remark. It had promise, but whoever was in charge let it get all over the place. With tighter editing over the script and plot (AND DETAILS), it might have had a better chance.
What are you going to miss come fall?

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