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Necklace Shopping

So, one of the ways I'm preparing for this year in South Korea is going through my clothes to figure out, "What should I bring?" In all honesty, I'm probably not going to make a trip home for the whole year (a plane ticket can be upwards of $2,000 for me!), and shipping to SK is expensive (as discovered by the  $56 charge to ship paperwork weighing all of .3 lb through FedEx...), so I don't want to have to have things shipped to me from the States. Additionally, of course, Koreans are skinny little people, and thus I will be huge, much too big for the sizing there. If I could barely find anything during my summer after freshman year, I'm definitely not gonna find anything now. So, a lot of advanced packing! I'm making a list and working on minimalism in terms of layering potential and wear and tear durability, but over all I know I'm going to want to have some style while I'm there! Cue statement necklaces!

Actually, finding fun jewelry isn't so much of a concern as finding my size, but I'm going to be tight on cash my first month since I'll be living off my savings, so I want to go in with my wardrobe ready to go. I've been eyeing some of these Forever 21 necklaces (all around $10 or less) because they look simple but interesting. Plus, if they break in SK or I lose them, I won't be as upset as if I had shelled out around $50 for them. I just love the idea of pairing them with a simple button down and pencil skirt to spruce the outfit up!

What do you think? I know I'm going to bring quite a bit of fun jewelry with me as that's the easiest way to change up my outfits. I'm getting so excited as the time gets closer!

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