[In the Mix]: July 2014

I think I'm going to try to do this monthly since I listen to music constantly and am always either finding new songs to listen to or rediscovering old ones! If you can't tell, I'm all over the place with my music tastes. Again, this is another illustration from Inslee! I used this one because it's what I picture myself doing in July--barefoot in a pair of denim cut offs taking in the ocean breeze while my toes sink into the sand. I don't think I'll be making it to the beach this summer, but I can always imagine myself there. 

"Quit Playing"- Ah! I could have honestly filled up this playlist with all their main hit songs since it took me until now to realize how awesome U-Kiss is! This was their most recent song, and I absolutely love it. I wish I had become a fan a little earlier, because you know I would've been up in NYC in the middle of that polar vortex to see them perform (though I wouldn't have waited outside just to give them high-fives...I don't do cold that well). I feel like the dance and the music video were talked about more than the actual song because the video was scandalous (not really!). You can watch it and decide for yourself. It's definitely mature for the K-pop world (then again, a world that made a song like "Hugs" by TVXQ a hit....), and I laughed at a couple of the reaction videos from K-fans. Anyhow, the song is fantastic and easy to listen to!
"Girls Chase Boys"- I just love Ingrid, and I love this song. "The Way I Am" is still on my shuffle playlists. I also kind of love songs that are a little bit sad but with an upbeat tempo... I don't know why.
"Day 1"- BEST SUMMER SONG OF 2014!!! The video makes me all kinds of gooey inside, and I'm excited K.Will finally gets to make a real appearance in his own video! The line that makes me laugh the most is when he sings, "I'm the best looking of all the average men." Ha ha. But seriously, watch the video. I dare you not to wish new romance was like this. His live performances are adorable as well!  
"Live Your Life"- Because, how can you not be happy listening to this song?"Breathe"- I feel like this song gets flack for missA, but it's one of my favorites. They came with this stronger, sexier image with the debut single, "Good Girl, Bad Girl," but this song is just pure fun. And the beat is addictive. 
"Solo Day"- I've loved this group since "Baby, Good Night." This is such a lazy, summery song, and it's fantastic. The video is so absurdly cute too, so watch if it you have a chance. Baro is definitely my favorite, and that was before his stint in "Reply 1994." You just don't expect that rapping voice to come out of his mouth and then BAM! 
"Favorite Girl"- Such an easy, calm song. And it's pretty cute. I'm so much more receptive to gooey love songs in the summer than any other season of the year.
"Latch"- This is the greatest song everrrrr, and I can't believe it took me so long to get into it. Sam Smith's voice is pure gold, and this is a great going out song. Because, you know, I'm doing so much of that in Pottstown.
"Heartbeats"- Another calmer song. Just a nice listen, particularly closer to night time or when you're falling asleep in the car. 
"Mr. Ambiguous"- Why isn't Mamamoo bigger in Korea? This song is amazing and so is their pre-debut effor with K. Will, "Peppermint Chocolate." It oozes that flirtatiousness and is utterly mature in it sound. There is no room for cutesy, aegyo here.
"Perfect Two"- Again with the cheesy but perfect love songs! This one has lines like "You're the apple to my pie, the straw to my berry." I love her voice--it's kind of lighter if that makes sense. I swear I'm in love or anything either! 
"Deezy Daisy"- I searched for this song after vaguely remembering the chorus, and I finally rediscovered it when I realized Tone It Up was using it in their Bikini Series videos. Such an addictive song, and it practically shouts summer at you. It always makes me want to put a daisy crown on and dance out in some field at sunset or just go to a pool party.
"Falling for You"- I know, you're wondering, "Sam, why don't you put her fabulous new song, 'Try,' on this playlist?" Because I discovered "Try" after I made this! And, I know you're also thinking, "Wow, you weren't kidding about this lovey song crap." Listen, I eat this stuff up in the summer! It's just so cute and the thought keeps my little romantic hope bubble afloat.
"Life is Rosy"- I dare you not to go skipping outside of your house, smiling ear to ear, after listening to this song.
"Be My Escape"- Some oldies on the list! I just got into this song again, and I love how clever the lyrics and rhyme choices are. 
"I Think I'm in Love With You"- I'll be a J.Simpson fan for life. I invested too much time in her back in the J&N days not to have a soft spot for her. Plus her issues with weight (especially compared to her height) are things that hit me too when I was a teenager (and now!). Besides, her shoes are the absolute best.
"Rise Up"- Because this is just the nicest song. And Diane Birch's voice is perfect.
There you have it! What's on your playlist for July?

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