DIY Cronuts

Yesterday I met up with one of my longest friends from home (since middle/early high school!) and managed to convince her to do some baking. When it comes to hanging out in suburbia, there's not all that many choices, and I've been itching to try making cronuts at home since there's frankly no way in hell I'm waking up early to wait in line to buy them from a bakery. Since neither of us are particularly domestic goddesses, I wanted to keep the recipe as easy as possible, so I adapted this recipe from Baking Beauty. Maybe in the future when I'm more patient, I'll figure out a healthier recipe (like coconut oil instead of vegetable, handmade croissant dough instead of Pillsbury), but for now this recipe did the trick. And it was delicious. Like, if these DIY suckers made by Kate and me were this good, the real ones have to be divine. I'm still not waiting in line for them, though. 

Recipe (Makes 3 and a doughnut ball) 
  • 1 Pillsbury Original Crescent sheet 
  • Vanilla Pudding Cups
  • Vegetable Oil

  • 1 C Confectioner Sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp Vanilla
  • 1 1/2 tsp Milk (maybe a little more)

No, really, this is it. 


1. Heat in pan about 2 inches of vegetable oil. Enough to cover the cronuts. Heat on medium heat to about 350. Be careful of making it too hot, were lazy and impatient, so we just put it all the up to high and it got too hot at first! 
2. Spread out the crescent sheet, then fold in half once. Then again. 
3. Using a glass cup, cut out to circles. Spread out the dough again and cut a third. You should have a little extra to roll into a ball.
4. Make a circle in the middle of the three circles you have. The original recipe cut out a whole in the center, Kate and I just stuck our fingers (our clean fingers, mind you!) in the middle and stretched the dough out a bit. 
5. Your oil should be heated! I put in our doughnut ball in first to test it out, which is how we figured out the oil was too hot. 
6. Then put the rest of the cronuts in and cook for about 90 seconds to 2 minutes. Wait for the outside to be a golden brown color. They shouldn't cook too quickly, if they start browning too fast, your oil is too hot.
7. Put them on a plate covered in paper towels to let the oil drain a bit. 
8. Cut in half and spread the vanilla pudding in the center.
9. Make the glaze! Mix the sugar, vanilla, and milk in a bowl until it's pretty liquidy. Honestly, you could probably cut this recipe in half because you're not going to use that much for 3 cronuts. The original recipe called for twice as much as this one, and we threw it all out!
10. Put the cronuts on a new plate and drizzle the glaze all over them.
11. Enjoy!

I tried to get Kate to get a picture with them, but it turned out blurry, so I'll save her the bad picture ;). In other news, though, this is probably the last time I'll see her for the next year! She goes back to Georgia for college, and I go off to Korea for the real world. However, given her major and university, she has a better chance of seeing (through glass windows and such) the Ebola patients than any of us do. At the very least, if Andi from the Bachelorette gets preggers, she might be able to meet her!

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