Seen on the Paris Lock Bridge

Ah I think this idea is absolutely romantic! However, reality wise I think I should be warning future visitors not to be adding their lock since apparently said bridge is starting to buckle under the weight... I don't think the lock bridge in Paris has to necessarily be for couples (my friend, Beth and I did a friendship one to be funny), but I know the Namsan Tower is definitely for lovaasss (which, given Korea's couple culture, is not a surprise). I didn't go last time I was in Seoul because I was forever lonely, but I think I'll make a visit this time around.. 

Anyhow the snapshot! As a romantic at heart I loved taking pictures of cute locks (like this heart one!) when I went to Paris in December 2012. The day was actually perfect too and sunny. I also wonder who Tim & Julia Jones are? Did they marry November 5, 2012 or visit here then? Maybe they were an older couple or a honeymoon couple? Ah the story possibilities! I've decided that once I've found my fella for life (or FFL as I like to abbreviate it), we'll get a bunch of the same, hispter cute lock and put it in random places all over the world where we travel. Totally random places with our initials and the date we arrived. Then we'll save the keys in a box to give to our children for their own travels. Because, as you may realize, I plan to be madly in love with my FFL forever, and he better like travelling and exploring as much as me.

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