The Remix

This post is totally a throwback to one of the best songs of my childhood. I'm also going to list some lyrics and explain to you why the thought that this song is explicitly about sex never crossed my mind. Also, has anyone heard the original "Ignition?" Anyhow, here's my 8 year old break down of the lyrics:
  • "Tryna get you to a hotel/ You must be a football coach/The way you got me playin' the field"- Wow, so the singer's a football coach. That sounds fun. It must be an away game since they have to go to a hotel.
  • "Hot and fresh out the kitchen"- Geez, the kitchen must be smoky and hot. I hope they have ventilation. I set off my smoke alarm a lot too.
  • "Mama rollin' that body/ got every man in here wishin'"- Mom must be really hot in the kitchen. Maybe something went wrong, and the guys are getting hungrier and hungrier.
  • "Privacy is on the door/ Still they can hear you screamin' more"- I hate that! One time my friends and I were bouncing on the beds in a hotel room and laughing and shouting, and people could still hear us...Our parents were pretty pissed
  • "I'm bout to take my key and/ stick it in the ignition"- I guess we're going home then? Since we're driving away from the hotel. I wonder if we won the game. Or maybe we're headed to the game from the hotel since...
  • "Then after the show it's the (after party)/ and after the party it's the (hotel lobby)"- We won! That's why we're having a party right? 
And, of course, if I didn't really understand the lyrics, I just ignored them! I genuinely thought this song was one of the football coaches or players singing about their cool car! 

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