[Social] 6. Go to an Amusement Park

Last week my little treated my G-little and me to Six Flags in New Jersey for our birthdays (mine was the 17th, my G's the 19th!). I haven't seen either of them since the beginning of summer/graduation, so it was an absolute BLAST. Also, the last time I went to an amusement park was two years ago when I visited friends in California! 

Six Flags is like a double edged sword. It's got the best rides in terms of Roller Coasters, but it will always, without fail, have obscene lines. Prepare to wait at least 45 minutes per ride if not more. It worked out for us because we got to catch up and waiting didn't seem nearly so long, but it does stink because you only can go on so many rides in a day! Also, it seems SF has some issues with cutters, and my little, in all her 5'2" glory, likes to call them out. Tall men who could probably beat us up or kids who literally turn and apologize to us, it doesn't matter. It made for some pretty funny moments. 

Anyhow, we, of course, went on the new ride, Zumanjaro. It was awesome but a little short as was Kingda Ka. I really enjoyed Superman just for the concept, and it lasted a bit longer! We also treated ourselves to Dippin Dots, and we ended the day with one of the ski line rides to take in the park at night.
Gah! I can't wait to go to another amusement park. I had forgotten how much fun they were!

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