[In the Mix]: August 2014

So, of course, I made this playlist ahead of time before "Shake It Off" and "Mamacita" came out! Suffice to say, both will be making appearances on the September playlist! (I also meant to post this two weeks ago, whoops!) As the end of summer comes (or has already come for some of my friends), here's some last minute, fun, dance-along-in-the-kitchen songs to go out with a bang. 

Side note: Do any of you like to blast some fun music and dance around while you're cooking or cleaning up? I love it, but obviously not everyone does, including my family and pretty much everyone I've ever lived with. I suppose it's one of those things I look forward to when living by myself in Jeolla.

"Touch My Body"- I love this song, no matter how embarrassing it is to listen to! It's such a fun song, and it immediately gets me going a little faster in the gym when it comes on my playlist. Additionally, since they sing "body" about a trillion times, it reminds me to think about form and the bod I'm trying to achieve on the treadmill. 
"Bang Bang"- SUCH A FUN SONG. Also a good running song. The mix of Ariana, Jessie, and Nicki is sheer perfection, and I LOVED their performance on the VMA's. More Jessie J, Amurica, pretty please. 
"Love Never Felt So Good"- I'm an idiot, but I didn't realize this was a recently released posthumous song. It was pretty much perfect for summer and for groovin' along to in the car. 
"Ooh Ooh"- Don't make fun of me, but I totally watch Arirang's "After School Club," even though I'm pretty sure I'm above the age bracket. I usually skip the Google Hangouts because they don't interest me as much as the rest of the show. I started watching when I was getting into U-Kiss and learned that Kevin speaks English (and hosts ASC!). Suffice to say, I freakin' love Eric Nam. He's hilarious on the show (like outrageous-ahjussi funny, even if he's like four years older than me). I looked him up and discovered he also has a gorgeous voice. This song is his most recent single, and it's another dance along one. 
"I Do Not Hook Up"- An oldie but goodie. Are you sensing a dance-along theme to this playlist? 
"Glamour Bitch" Lyric wise, this song is pretty atrocious ("bling bling thong," anyone?), but for some reason I find it so catchy! Also, if you're wondering what happened to the brunette from A Teens, this was one of her solo efforts. Little high school dancing queen she is not anymore. 
"House Party"- I like very few country songs, and this is one of them. He's a fairly new artist, so look him up! 
"Partition"- This is a headphones-only song. Fantastic nonetheless. Bey sneezed on that beat and it got sicker
"Dora Dora"- The dance is kind of funny in a supposed-to-be-sexy-but-I-feel-uncomfortable way. The song is pure gold. I haven't taken the time to figure out what dora dora means, though. 
"Ven Conmigo"- It's the Spanish version of CA's oldie song, "Come On Over." I rediscovered it when I was organizing my iTunes library! 
"Sexy Back"- You might also be sensing a theme in my workout songs. You would not be incorrect. However, this song will never, ever get old. 
"Bubble Butt"- Like I said, theme... Anyhow, I only like the Korean version with GD and TOP. Probably because I don't know what they're saying in Korean, and it makes the song a little less dirty. 
"Sunset Glow"- My favorite Big Bang song! 
"Like I Can"- This man's voice is pure. gold. 
"22"- Because I turned 22 this month!!!!! 
"Ai Se Eu Te Pego"- It was played in clubs in Spain (it's Brazilian/Portuguese), and I still love it today. Plus Suju did a hilarious cover of it in their Brazilian concert. 
"Free Fallin'"- Another Korean cover of a English song. I pretty much love all versions ever created, this one is no exception.

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