Hope you all had a nice Labor Day Weekend. As you know from past posting schedules, I usually disappear a bit around holiday weekends. And it is not because I'm out celebrating or BBQing or meeting up with friends. It's because I work retail, and these are our busiest days. Case in point, I worked Thursday-Monday, and I. am. pooped. Regular posting to resume soon! I'm working on some meaty posts (and trying to be better about editing my own posts *cough*). I rested today (i.e. I slept in, finally went to the gym after the weekend, and got back to some healthier eating), and I've begun organizing myself somewhat. I leave for Korea in a month and eleven days! I've got more on that soon! Part 2 of getting there will be up shortly. It's surprisingly much shorter and easier than I anticipated!

Even if I was running around with shoppers, I hope you all enjoyed your weekends off! Shout out to my friends that started school this past week, and my little on her first day at nursing school!

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