[The Insta Life] End of Summer

I kind of feel like I've been on auto-pilot mode this latter bit of summer. After all, it's killing me how long I'm waiting to get to Korea, and the only way to cope is going into auto-pilot mode with work-working out-eating healthy-Korean dramas. There have been some fun moments, though, and of course, I've documented them via Instagram.
  1. After the Storm- While my mom was bringing me home from work, there was a storm that blew through and did some garden damage to our house. It didn't do anything too bad, but the lilies near our mailbox took the hit the most. However, I thought it was just so pretty that a full lily was lifted up and out into the road. I even had my mom drop me off at the bottom of our driveway so I could go out and pick it!
  2. let's be frank- I wrote extensively on this stuff the first time I used it, and I still stand by the stuff! It's fantastic. I haven't seen the disappearance of stretch marks or anything, but I haven't been using it religiously as I'm supposed to. I really like combining it with my Italy cloth. I take a bath, use my cloth, and then the scrub. I then put on Aveeno lotion all over and slip into fitted yoga pants and a long sleeve T-shirt. My skin feels amazing.
  3. Sista Sista- My sister had a moment of nostalgia and decided we should get matching Alex & Ani bracelets (more on that brand later). We got the Arms of Strength bracelets in silver for its meaning and the fact that 20% goes towards a breast cancer research and awareness foundation (my sorority's philanthropy!). Also, we both have these MK watches, so we had to add them in ;).
  4. Family Pic- My cousin had a thirtieth birthday party, so all the family gathered for it. I actually had work all day and drove straight there with my siblings! Let's just say I was exhausted by the night's end.
  5. Cronut Making- You can read about that here. I've made them another time since, and they're still delicious. 
  6. Polka Dots- I do love my meemers. We fight all the time, but we're pretty funny. We always say we should have a show like "Kourtney & Khloe." She's three years younger than me, but you'd think she was three years older! We were trying to decide who we'd be Elsa or Anna, but we decided we'd be a mix of both. Although our brother says I'm Elsa because I spend so much time in my room, but Kenz says I'm socially awkward like Anna, so who knows? Also, in my defense, I spend all my time in my room because no on wants to watch K-dramas with me! Anyhow, we planned this picture and made our mom take like a trillion haha.
  7. Da G- I wrote about my day to the amusement park here, but I didn't add this picture with my G-little! I used it to wish her happy birthday. I love her to death, and I feel so bad we all left her at college. My big and I graduated, and my little did a 3-2 program with nursing, so she graduated earlier than normal. She's got a semester of being family-less before she hopefully gets her own little! 
  8. Power Ballz- I'll have this recipe up soon! I got it from Eat Your Kimchi, and they're so good. Like I eat them all the time. 
  9. Oatmeal- I also seriously love good oatmeal. I'll post a recipe for this too. I've also been drinking a lot of mango juice in the morning, though I definitely need a caffeine pick me up most days. I think I'm going to look into espresso makers in Korea. My go to drink is an Americano with two shots of espresso, skim milk, and some sugar.
Hope everyone returning to school is enjoying it!

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