Irene Kim

The last time I had a girl crush on a model was probably Analeigh Tipton when she was in "America's Next Top Model" or Miranda Kerr right when she was becoming more famous. I usually don't follow model careers all that closely because a) my interest in fashion is always changing and b) I tend to follow stylish people whose body types come closer to mine (at least in height!). However, for fun I started watching this web series called, "K-Style," and I've developed such a style crush on the one host, Irene Kim! I actually think all three hosts are hilarious (and their camera skills are definitely improving episode by episode), but I just found Kim to be so energetic and funny. I think she appeals to my artsy side while the other host, Sarah Kate Watson-Baik, appeals to my jet-set side.

The weird this is, I have no desire to emulate her style or beauty tendencies whatsoever. I think they look fabulous on her, and every picture she just looks so cool, but I know if I tried any of the trends, I'd look atrocious. Watson-Baik's style is actually closer to how I'd dress. But there's some enigmatic about her, and I can't wait for her to get more famous so there's more English articles dedicated her style. She just looks like the girl you wish you could hang out with--whether it's going shopping or drinking or dancing at night! She makes tie-dye hair look cool!

{her twitter & instagram: ireneisgood} 
I follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and her blog for style inspiration...

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