[In the Mix]: September 2014

It's starting to get a little colder here, and I'm just getting antsier by the day! Luckily, this month should go by pretty fast because I'll be finishing up at my retail job and visiting with friends (like this weekend!). Here are some of the songs that have been on my playlist for months or I have just discovered. Over all, it's a pretty eclectic mix!

Anyhow, I'll be in Pittsburgh for the weekend! I'm roadtripping with Mallory, and we're going to visit my big/ her sister! AKA I'll be reunited with my little Kittain. ;)
So Good- I just love Jay Park's voice! And this has a little bit of a retro feel to it (or something along the lines of MJ's "Love Never Felt So Good"). It's just a fun song to play with the windows rolled down! 
Shake It Off- Because, haters gonna hate hate hate. 
물 한잔- This was B1A4's comeback song, and it's just such a fun song! It's a good one for running and the gym as well. It translates, I think, to "A Glass of Water." 
Break Free- As much as her brother irritated me on "Big Brother" when he started blatantly lying, and I really want her to change up her facial expressions, I love me some Ariana Grande music. This took me a few listens to get into, but now I can't stop listening! "This is the part where I BREAK FREE" 
Mamacita- Oh, SuJu. Even with the "shut your tongue" line, I do love this song. Kyuhyun Oppa fo-evs. 
I Swear- Now that I think about it, the tune of this song is kind of perfect in terms capturing that end of summer vibe. 
All About that Bass- I love this song! It's so catchy, and it has such a good message. You can take offense to the phrase "skinny bitch" all you want, but if you think about it, it's not being rude to thinner women. It's only insulting if you're thinner and you're a bitch about it. (Think about how the book Skinny Bitch differentiates between being a Skinny Bitch and a skinny bitch!) 
들리니- Jessi's voice is amazing. This song is catchy in its ballad form. The guys are on point. More please! Also Jessi was too freakin' cute on "After School Club." 
Fireball- You know I love me Pitbull all day, erryday. I wish I could go to a concert! 
Crazy Dreams- My favorite CU song. Actually, I also LOVE the ballad version from "SMASH." 
Holler- Comeback, comeback! Their whole album IS AWESOME. My two favorite members plus the best SNSD vocalist (who I also love!)? TaeTiSeo is fantastic, and I agree, they do have a unique sound to them! 
Anaconda- This song kind of frightens me a little, but I can't deny how great of a workout song it is. 
Tiny Little Bows- This so brings me back to metro rides in Madrid! 
Rather Be- Allison put this on one of my mix CDs a while ago, and it has started playing at work! Such a good song. 
I Did It- I'm just discovering SPICA, and I can't get over their voices! I want to listen to everything from them, and I hope they do more English songs. 
I'm Fine, Thank You- Such a sweet song and poignant when you think of what's happened with Ladies' Code. My prayers are with them and the deceased. 
She's Mine- Another good gym song, especially Eli and AJ's rapping!  
I Got U- This is another Allison remix song that's been popping up everywhere lately! I swear, girl has a future in DJing if the lawyer thing doesn't pan out.
What have you been listening to?

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