[In the Mix]: October 2014

Ah, October 2014. It's been a crazy month so far. Finishing at my last job, visiting college once more, moving across the world, starting a brand new job in a brand new field... It's been fun! Of course, with long periods of travel comes a lot of music. I've mostly been revisiting old favorites or discovering old songs. A few new ones but mostly older ones. Some remind me of the last time I lived abroad; others I have simply not heard of until now.
미친거 아니야? |2 PM (Go Crazy) Love this song! It reminds me a lot of their "Hands Up" hit from 2011. They just look like they had such a blast learning the choreography and performing on stage! It's a shame they didn't win any music show awards! 
"Countdown"| Beyonce- Slight throwback. This is just such a fun song! 
"Welcome to New York"- Taylor Swift- I'm so freaking excited for this album! 
"두근 두근"- La Boum (Pit-a-Pat)- Refreshing cutesy at its very best. I just love how fun this song is to listen to, and how unapologetically girly it is. I wouldn't do a whole playlist with songs like this, but one or two sprinkled out works just right. 
"Really Don't Care"- Demi Lovato- Such an anthem song, and perfect to listen to while scraping off wallpaper! Plus you gotta love a little rap break with Cher Lloyd. 
"Like I Can"- Sam Smith- His voice forever and ever... This is slightly more "upbeat" (but I feel like that's not the right word) than the others. 
"Rise Up"-Diane Birch- A good morning song to listen to while making coffee and putting together an outfit for the day. 
"하.니.뿐."- 2 PM- (ADTOY-All Day Thinking of You) This came out in the 2013 days I wasn't really listening to K-pop. I absolutely love it! It's kind of like 2 PM's I'm a Man now song. The dance kinda makes me laugh though. Watch the video, you'll see why. 
"Sunrise"- Norah Jones-  I forgot how much I loved her voice! What is she even doing these days, anyway? 
"Eyes"- TaeTiSeo- I do really like Holler, but I think the two I have on this list are my absolute favorite. I really love this sub unit--it's got a very sassy vibe to it.  
"Trumpets"-Jason Derulo- Awkward song to listen to with parents, great song to jam out to by yourself. I like what you did there with musical instruments, JD. 
"Out of the Woods"- Taylor Swift- OMG NEW T, SWIFT SONG!!! Just kidding. That aside, I really like this direction Swifty is going with her music. We all knew she was pretty much done with country after her first album, so it's refreshing to see her stop trying to balance country pop with pop and just going all out pop. It also seems like she's taking some serious inspiration from her birth decade, and this song is total proof of it.  
"Valentino"-Diane Birch- I first heard this song in Valentine's Day, and I still like it. It's one of those easy-listening, walk to work type songs that just makes you happy. 
"Wrong Feels So Right"- Carly Rae Jepsen- She needs another album stat. She takes pop to another level, and I love listening to all her girly songs.  
"Flowers in Your Hair"- The Lumineers- This is my--travel along the Korean countryside and gaze out at the mountains and sunset song.  
"Adrenaline"- TaeTiSeo- This is my alarm song. How can it not be?! 
"Come Get It Bae"- Pharrell Williams- I don't care how stupid this song sounds from its title to its lyrics, I can't stop jammin' out to it. 
"니가 필요헤"- K. Will- Slight oldie but goodie. I do love you, K. Will, I do.

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