The Best Looks from "Blank Space"

If you haven't watched Taylor Swift's new video for "Blank Space," go watch it now. Not only is it perfect as a music video and a total parody of the media's view of her, she looks fantastic. I've been a fan of her since 2006/7, and you have no idea how long I've been waiting for her to start getting into fashion. Don't get me wrong, sundresses and cowboy boots are cute, but girl is 5'11" and blessed with a naturally thin figure and classic looks. Top that off with the fact that she's a superstar singer, it'd be completely unfair if she never did get into fashion. From about "Red" on, she's been killin' it, and I love it. The video for "Blank Space" totally appeals to the Jet Setter in me-- fabulous, glamorous, chic. It's such a good contrast to the craziness of the video! 
So. Perfect.

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