[The Traveling Teacher] Middle Schoolers

So, last week was the elementary school festival. This week it was the middle schools' turn! In Korea, the schooling works a little bit different. Elementary is 1st-6th (6-11) while middle school is technically 1st-3rd again (so you'd say you're in 1st grade when in the States you'd say 7th). My middle school was 6th-8th, but I know other schools were 7th-9th, so I think it varies. Anyhow, the festival was more or less the same, but they did make some of it different! My group was a bunch of city students, and we won in our section! I think I'm gonna use my 10,000 won gift card on Kyuhyun's new album....
Our group!
Don't worry, I scraped off the almonds.
Tea manners
Finally got the girl version!

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