Holiday Gift Guide: The Artist

Here's my philosophy about gift-giving: You should always get someone something they want but may never actually buy for themselves. Sensible gifts are stupid. Anything we think we need we'll buy ourselves. Gifts should be fun, and they should show you thought about the other person. Like you were listening when they were talking about wanting a better bag for travel or wanting to spice up their accessories. Don't get someone something that you generically think they'll like. I'd rather get a Visa Gift Card than something I've never really wanted. 

Up next is the Artist. The artist embodies adjectives like earthy, laid-back, and easy. She's not one for bright colors or sharp contrasts. Most of her wardrobe is in shades of browns, navy, and maroon. She hardly wears white because she knows she'll spill something on it, and while black has a place in her wardrobe, it's hardly ever a part of the main pieces. She's more introspective, thoughtful. She prefers a bit of a slower pace, one that is more conscious and leaves room for exploration. She probably turns in early and is more likely to travel solo. She may be vegan or vegetarian, she may be the type of person who deleted her social media accounts a long time ago, and she probably has a small garden growing in the window of her apartment. She's pretty easy going in terms of gifts, and she doesn't particularly want anything. So here are some things that might bring a smile to her very relaxed face.

1. A Backpack. One that fits a good amount! Preferably in canvas and something neutral. It's gotta look good in instagram pictures too!

2. Bracelets. Or more specifically, bracelets that hold some sort of meaning. Stone bracelets with healing properties, string bracelets that support jobs in Costa Rica, etc. Treat her to some, and she'll wear them with sheer joy. Just remember to get her colors she likes!

3. A Unique Watch- A watch with a world map in the background or some sort of cool print. The Artist doesn't need name brands or anything fancy, but she'll love something unique with a touch of whimsy.

4. A Cable Knit Sweater. Christmas is cold, and if there's one thing the Artist loves, it's being cozy. An over-sized cable knit is perfect for her to cuddle up in by a fire. with tea. and a book.

5. Neutral Nail Polish. The Artist doesn't always paint her nails, so when she does she likes something very neutral so she can let it chip away without showing too much.

6. A Journal. The Artist loves writing by hand, and she very likely thinks its a lost art. Get her something very simple, and she'll fill it in mere months!

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