Stop Playing the Blame Game

You know what I'm frankly tired of reading and hearing? People playing the blame game, the victim game. If watching copious amounts of TV has taught me anything, it's that media and the right public relations team can twist any situation. There's not just two sides to every story, there's about a million and ten. Ultimately, though, the moral of the story is:

It's time to stop playing the blame game.

No one in life starts out in the exact same place as anyone else. Yes, some lives seem easier. Yes, some lives are really hard in the beginning. And yes, we can look at all sorts of statistics and bring in all sorts of psychology to examine people and why they become what they are. However, ultimately, it's up to Y.O.U.  to become what you want to become. People so easily resort to playing the blame game to explain why they can or cannot be who they want to be. We use factors like money, skin color, ethnicity, height, gender, age, weight, life situations, luck, and more to explain or justify why we can't be a certain way or do certain things. 

Frankly, it's time to stop. Instead of wasting time assessing what you don't have, spend that time and energy into making a better version of you. That sounds cheesy, but it's so true. And if you really, truly want something, be prepared to work your ass off for it and know that some people achieved it more easily and some people had to work harder. This applies to everything, whether it's as superficial as wanting to be a certain size or as unfortunate as your very skin color or gender stereotypically defining you a certain way. Does it sometimes suck? Of course it does. But everyone has their own "thing." Whatever it may be, and however you choose to overcome or empower it is up to you. Stop blaming and start focusing on you.

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