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Seriously, one of the greatest inventions from my teenaged years has got to be Youtube. Once upon a time, I had to scour the internet in hopes of finding a 30 second clip of my favorite song/video in the entire world, "My Everything" by 98 Degrees. I could picture the video in my memory, but I wanted to be able to watch it over and over again at my disposal. Cue the creation of Youtube and the .1 second it takes to search "My Everything" on its search engine. Sheer, youthful joy ensued, and ever since I've been a YT fan. Nowadays, especially having traveled, I started to really follow the whole subscribing and creating playlists and whatnot. It's just a different venue than blog reading, magazine skimming, or even watching TV shows. So, as I've accumulated a lot of subscriptions and briefly thought about starting a Youtube channel of my own videos (before I realized I'm a little afraid of speaking on camera....), I thought I'd compile a little list of my absolute favorites.

F O R   F I T N E S S
  • blogilates- Don't let the super enthusiastic chatter fool you, blogilates is hard. I haven't been able to do a full workout like her calendar workouts suggest, it's that hard. But I love Cassie, and I love for all she stands for. I'm super excited that the whole blogilates business is growing! 
  • FitnessBlender- If you want simple, old school workouts, these are your guys. They're a couple that works on free full length (some are an hour) workouts for you. It's nice too because they don't play background music, so you can make your own and play it along!
  • jessicasmithtv- Another good place for full length workouts. I particularly love her kickboxing workouts, and her pup is adorable.
  • MasaZumba- Great channel if you're in the mood for a Zumba workout!
  • Tone It Up- Another YT channel that's grown into a brand. They're absolutely amazing, and the community Karina and Katrina have created is wonderful. They also have great workouts, and while the channel is good for learning them, an added bonus is the printouts they provide in the description boxes. Easy for bringing to the gym or if you don't think you'll have wifi somewhere.
  • Yoga with Adriene- Favorite yoga channel! Full length yoga workouts, and I love that she makes them with certain themes in mind--digestion, travel, illness...

F O R   B E A U T Y / S T Y L E
  • Aimee Song- This channel is an extension of her main blog, Song of Style. She doesn't update it very often, but when she does the videos are awesome (like her Instagram tips one). You also definitely get more of her playful personality in the videos.
  • CHANEL- I may not be a fan of Lagerfield Chanel, but I do absolutely adore the videos Chanel has been posting about Coco and her beliefs/aesthetics. Nothing gets you into a glamorous mood quite like watching Chanel's views on colors.
  • Chriselle Lim- A stylist with a seriously beautiful soul. She has lovely tips, and right now she's pregnant, so she's got a lot about dressing and caring for yourself during pregnancy.
  • Everlane- My favorite company! Their videos are just as awesome as them.
  • kate spade new york- Sheer appeal to my feminine side. Colors, fun, playfulness. Just watch a Kate Spade video for a quick smile or to beat winter blues.
  • Michael Kors-  Sheer appeal to my Jet Set side. My opinions about where this brand is going aside, the videos created for each collection really tap into my Jet Set side.
  • Michelle Phan- I mean, how can I make a YT page without her?
  • The Girls with Glasses- Love them! They have all sorts of fun videos about life and tips and classic style. My particular favorite was the Kate Middleton look book.
  • Wendy's Lookbook (Wendy's Lookbook 2)- She's adorable! I love how she injects cute and fun into looking really fabulous. She's also awesome for petite girls out there-- I believe she's under five foot!

F O R   L I F E   A B R O A D
  • Brooke Saward- The chick behind World of Wanderlust. I love putting her channel on while I'm making dinner or organizing my apartment. Her Vlogmas right now is pretty funny, and it's fun seeing a sort of BTS of the website.
  • Eat Your Kimchi (Open the Happy, simandmartinabonus, WANK)- Probably the channel that made me start looking at YT channels in general. Simon and Martina live in Korea where they were ESL teachers and now business owners. There website and these channels are fantastic for learning more about contemporary Korea. They really focus on doing their research and covering their bases when making their videos. 
  • KStyleTV- A fantastic channel for learning about the trends in Seoul in terms of beauty and style. I put it here and not the Style/Beauty section because it's very much Korea. 
  • MyKoreanHusband- An awesome YT channel for learning about living in the Korean countryside. It's an extension of their blog, which features hilarious comics about being an Australian married to a Korean.
  • MySoKoAdventure- An awesome channel for learning about teaching in Korea. Also she looks absolutely fabulous in all her videos!
  • Seoulistic- Another good channel for living in Seoul and Korea. It's pretty funny, and the one about poo is especially notable.

F O R   M U S I C

  • FungBrosComedy- They discuss a lot of Asian-American things, and they're pretty hilarious about it. They also talk a lot about Asian-American food, which you should probably not watch if you're hungry.
  • nigahiga- So, so funny. The challenge ones get me every time.
  • thefrugalcrafter Lindsay Weirich-  I can't actually paint or draw on my own. I love following this channel for water color paintings.

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