My Favorite 2014 Korean Songs

Is it just me or has the K-pop market really become overly saturated in the past few years? I can't tell if it's me outgrowing the bubblegum pop or if the quality of K-pop music really has gone down quite a bit. Maybe a small combination of both? I know in 2013 and a large part of 2014, I wasn't listening to anything new in Korean really. I didn't even know SNSD had a single out this year until much later in the game, and they're my favorite group! 

With that said, the summer after I graduated, I found myself searching for Korean music once again (maybe in anticipation of my return?), and while I still found myself listening to some pretty subpar vocals and confusingly bad tunes, I was pleasantly surprised to find some gems within the music shows. So here's a run down of my favorite 2014 songs. Keep in mind these are just my personal favorites. I have not listened to every K-pop song released in 2014, so if you think I'm missing any--let me know! I'd love to discover new music! 

"Mr. Ambiguous" | Mr. 애매모호
Best new rookie group of the year, hands. down.

"Ooh, Ooh" | 우,우
Eric Nam 
This song is just so fun! 

"1 Day" | 오늘부터1일
K. Will 
Too precious, and the video is adorable.

"Go Crazy" | 미친거 아니야?
2 PM 
Reminiscent of their "Hands Up" days!

"Darling" | 달링
Girls' Day 
Don't watch the video, enjoy the cuteness of the song. It keeps playing at my elementary schools, and it's gotten stuck in my head!

Yoon Mi Rae ft. Tiger JK & Bizzy 
I love these three together, and this new, softer effort is lovely.

"8 Dayz" 
Megan Lee
This was such a refreshing summer song.


This is my favorite from their new album, though I liked "Holler" more than it seems everyone else did. Another favorite is "Adrenaline."

"Can You Hear Me?" | 들리니?
Lucky J 
Jessica Oh's vocals, the catchiness of this ballady-song, the rapping--all on par.

"I Did It"
Technically all in English, but Spica's awesome. And this song is actually quite empowering. No whimpering over boys or overcoming boys here.

"I'm Fine, Thank You" 
Ladies Code | Can anyone else listen to this without crying? I can't.

"Touch My Body" | 터치 마이 바디
Sistar | The dance is so cringe worthy, but this song is just too much fun not to have on this list. Another awesome summer song and an even better workout song.

"At Gwanghwamun" | 광화문에서
Of course I'd have him on here ;).

"Quit Playing" | 끼부리지마
U Kiss 

You know, I actually really like this song. Despite all the fuss over the video and dance and whatnot, the song is pleasant to listen to.

"Solo Day"
B1A4 | Fun song, even better video. I love the quirky thing this group has going for it.

"Happiness" | 행복
Red Velvet | Took me a while, but this song is actually really nice for some cheering up.

"Piano Man" 
I love this newest song! And I keep hearing it played, which makes me so happy! Mamamoo, 화이팅!

"Melt My Heart" | 녹여춰
Eric Nam
His newest song. It's reminiscent of "Heaven's Door." He acts pretty cute in it, and all I can think watching it is him thinking, "I can't believe I'm 26 and sucking on a lollipop right now. #mylife" That aside, his voice

"This is Love" 
Super Junior 
Love this song! I liked "Mamacita," but I loved this one.

So Good 
Jay Park
Can't believe I forgot to add this initially! This was on replay all September.

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