Holiday Gift Guide: Every Girl

Every Girl Gift Guide

Oh boy, if you're referring to gift guides now, you're almost waiting until last minute! Shame on you! However if my last three guides don't seem to fit the individual you're buying for, and you're absolutely tearing your hair out trying to figure out what to get her, here are five things you'd be hard-pressed to find any girl not liking. Remember I don't condone getting people gifts you think they'd generically like, but you can always customize these five things to be something she does like. 

1. Nice Jewelry- If she doesn't jump over the moon at receiving a Cartier bracelet, come find me, and I'll probably owe you for the rest of my life. Of course, it doesn't have to be Cartier, but any genuinely nice piece of jewelry will mean something. Browse etsy for a unique necklace or bracelet. Does she have something she loves? A small necklace with something that illustrates that might work. And make sure you know this: Is she silver, gold, or rose gold? Because if you can't get her at least that, then maybe you should go in another direction.

2. Luxury Pajamas- Don't go to any old store and buy her matching pajamas, but get ones in silk or some material she loves. Is she cold all the time? Maybe get her some sweet fleece PJs (or do they sell fleece lined ones?). Get her a color or even a print, if she's playful, she loves. Just make sure they're the right size. Again, if she doesn't like silk pajamas, come find me.

3. Moccasins- I don't care how prissy the girl is, at the end of the day if you present us with warm, cozy looking moccasins, we're going to wear those babies to death. I love pretty shoes as much as the next person, but moccasins are great if you need to run to the store, are traveling a long distance, or are just plain freezing in this winter chill. Ugg is always a good place to look. 

4. Yoga Pants- A girl can never own too many pairs of yoga pants. The difficult is deciding if she's the type to like flare or legging style. Flare is usually too long on me, so I prefer legging style. I also don't like tacky designs on my band, but some people like loud ones. You decide what she seems like she'd like and go from there. Victoria's Secret or Lululemon is your best bet. And make sure they're cotton not some other material.

5. Spa Gift Card- Please and thank you, I'll be off to my massage now. Get her a gift card to a really nice spa nearby. Put enough on it that she can get a really nice massage and maybe a facial as well. Heck, even schedule a day for her so she has to use it. Busy women especially tend to never indulge in caring for themselves, and a gift card by itself may just fall to the wayside. Forcing her to go one day will really allow her to relax. And we can all use a little more relaxation in our lives!

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