Little Ways to Create a Calm Home

I feel like describing a "calm home" is different for everyone. Some people like minimalism, some people like a cozier vibe. I, personally, love keeping my decor personal, color schemes as close to white as possible, and keeping my apartment as clean as I can. I always love to add cozier attributes as well, like a huge carpet over hardwood (or imitation hardwood in my apartment's case...). At the end of the day, my idea of a calm home is one that doesn't stress me out after a day of work or extended travel (nothing is worse than having to clean after vacation). Each of these tips is a small, inexpensive way, to bring a little calm to your living space, whether it is a full sized house or a small studio apartment.
  • Light Candles. I use lavender, but pick what ever scent you like. Lighting candles adds a pleasant scent as well as a little bit of warmth. You could also use incense.
  • Have that One Blanket. It should be the kind of blanket you basically live in at home (and hey, snuggies count!). It's so soft, you could easily fall asleep cocooned in it. It's the blanket you go to lounging on the couch or wrap around yourself when you have to go to the fridge.
  • Drink a Cup of Tea. Any tea, any way you like. I love a good cup of black tea with a splash of milk and two spoonfuls of sugar. Nothing beats that first sip of a steaming hot cup of tea.
  • Listen to a Calm Playlist. Go to 8tracks and type in "chill" or "jazz" or "romantic." I have a "Writer" playlist with all sorts of calm songs to play in the background. It just adds to the ambiance.
  • Keep Your Place Clean. Just get rid of all the clutter--extra receipts, papers, trash. Put away clothes, wash dishes, wipe off tabletops. Don't you think a clean place lets the energy and air flow through it better?
  • Let Light In. If you can, buy lighter colored curtains (white, gauzy), or just simply open up your curtains to allow sunlight in. If for whatever reason, you have an apartment with poor lighting or that brick wall effect (where you open the window, and it's a brick wall), create better lighting with lamps covered in a sheer fabric.
  • Keep Your Apartment Warm. A cold apartment is miserable, keep it a comfortable temperature so you can walk around in yoga pants and a loose top. Heating, a heat lamp, whatever you gotta do. 
  • Buy Flowers or Plants. Buy any sort of plants you love (succulents, maybe?), and spread them around your space. Greenery adds life to your apartment, and even the most minimalist people can do with a plant.
  • Create a Space for Stretching. Whether it's your carpet or a small section in the corner, carve out a space to stretch and meditate. Even if it's just for a song, sitting there with your eyes closed is incredibly calming. Creating a space specifically for it will be a little reminder to just sit down and breathe. 
  • Minimize the Electronic Visuals. Try to keep all the wires and electronics to a minimum. There are a ton of clever ways to hide them on Pinterest. 
What do you think? Do you have any ways you keep a calm home? 

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