[In the Mix] January 2015

January has been quite an interesting mix for my musical tastes. A lot of it has to do with sharing an iTunes account with my siblings, and thus getting a lot of interesting songs popping up in my Recently Added playlist. I've been in one of those dreamy, romantic moods, probably with the cold and the new year. I just love playing lovey songs in the morning when I'm getting ready. Of course, on the flip side some new K-pop and some dancing songs have crept their ways into my playlist as well. Nothing gets you through a Blogilates booty workout like "Wiggle Wiggle." Anyhow, check it out! I've put everything into an 8tracks playlist, which you can listen to right here

Ed Sheeran | So catchy.

Dear Future Husband
Meghan Trainor | This is such a tongue-in-cheek song!

My My Love
Joshua Radin | It's from "Vampire Diaries." So beautiful.

If You Wonder
Jeff Bernat | I'm a little in love!

Uptown Funk
Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars | This song is fantastic.

Meghan Trainor | I love these messages she's got.

Up & Down
EXID | This has renewed popularity in Korea, and it's so. damn. catchy.

Thinking Out Loud
Ed Sheeran | Another beautiful song.

The Wire
HAIM | Came up on my 8tracks. Obsessed!

Wiggle Wiggle
Hello Venus | Terrible music video and dance. Catchy workout song.

Love on Top
Beyonce | A friend danced to this, and now it's stuck in my head!

Doses & Mimosas
Cherub | One of my siblings downloaded this, and I kind of love it.

Be My Baby
The Barberettes | A Korean doo-wop group, need I say more?

Dancing in the Moonlight
Toploader | I've only just heard this song! 

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