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In an effort to consume less in terms of what I'm wearing, I've started a private board on Pinterest to accumulate outfit inspiration for items in my wardrobe that I already have. Above are some of the key items I wear over and over again (I forgot to add that I live in leggings/yoga leggings as well!), so I've been looking for ways to spice them up. They're pretty basic with a few different colors I love (like olive and mustard yellow). My black booties are getting the most wear right now because the cover my ankles, and allow me to wear whatever weird socks I want to!
  • Sweater + Chambray Top+Jeans- I'd switch the white sweater for my gray one.
  • Sweater+Longer Top+Black Leggings+Ankle Boots- Switch the white sweater for gray one, and use either my white collared top or striped top to peak from the bottom.
  • Sweater+Chambray+Leather Leggings+ Leopard Flats-I have all of this! 
I could also switch out the sweaters for the yellow as well and the chambray for white.

  • Tan Poncho+Collared Shirt+Black Leggings+Booties- I've never tried a collared shirt poking out of my poncho actually.
  • Yellow Sweater+Black Leggings+Booties- Easy.
  • Sweater+Top+Jeans- I'd use my yellow or gray sweater and my white or striped top.I'd also use my leopard flats or Chucks instead. Any shoe would work easily.

 Again, a lot of these are outfit elements. You could easily switch out colors for anything you have in your closet.
  • Striped Top+Olive Parka+Leather Leggings+Leopard Flats- Easy outfit, Could even throw a scarf on to keep a bit warmer or switch the flats for boots for colder days.
  • Striped Top+Chambray Top+Black Leggings- This is what sparked my board! I was pleasantly surprised how well this combination turned out.
  • Striped Top+Sweater+Jeans-You know, instead of a black sweater, you could open up the chambray top or olive top and put that over instead. 
  • Olive Parka +White Shirt+Jeans-Easy. I have a white top, but you could easily replace this with the white collared top. Also leopard flats instead of the white ones she's wearing.
  • Olive Parka+Sweater+Jeans- Gray sweater instead of the white and black booties instead of tan.
  • White Top+Olive Pants+Flats- Easy! Leopard flats would look fun with this outfit as well. 
What do you think? If I ever feel up to it, maybe I'll start posting some outfit pictures! It is on my list ;)

All images, except the first, are collected from Pinterest and edited together with PicMonkey. If you would prefer removal of any of these outfits or wish specific credit, please let me know! 

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