How to Beat the Cold

The cold sucks. I usually run for hibernation, shower more infrequently because wet hair is the worst, and usually gain a few pounds of winter weight. I also revert to wearing the same few things over and over again for their sheer warmth and comfort (oversized sweatshirt, knit sweaters, leggings, thick socks). This year, though, my first in adulthood, I've devised a few things to keep the cold from getting to me. I refuse to gain weight, hide in my apartment, or let the months go by without doing anything. Here are some of my tips and trick on how to beat the cold:
  • Stay Hydrated. Yes, hot coffee, chocolate, and a steaming cup of tea are lovely things to have on a wintry day, but they're not particularly hydrating. Make sure you're still getting enough water during these months. We all know how much better a hydrated person feels than one who isn't. If you have to stand over your kitchen sink in the morning to down 8 ounces of water, do it.
  • Keep Up on Your Hygiene. Don't let your hair get filthy and throw it up in a bun. Don't let your skin become totally dry and flaky. Don't let your nails peel and chip away. Don't let the bottom of your feet look like a map of dried out rivers. Do whatever you do to make yourself feel refreshed.
  • Keep Your Place Clean. For that matter don't let your place turn into a mess of piled up laundry and thrown over jackets. Keep it clean and simple. Don't you think energy moves a little better in cleared out spaces? 
  • Walk Outside. If you're feeling particularly lazy, heave yourself off your couch or bed, put on your boots and take a quick walk around the neighborhood. Get your blood moving. Confront the cold that's keeping you locked inside. Try to turn it from something unpleasant to something energizing as you take brisk steps. The walk can be as little as ten minutes, and you can run into your apartment the moment that time is up, or it can be nice and long. Up to you.
  • Socialize. Don't go days without really talking to anyone outside of work or passing by. Ask people to watch a movie or meet up for dinner/lunch. That ten minute walk won't be so bad once you're laughing over Pad Thai or BBQ. And you'll enjoy the walk back once you've stuffed yourself. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, invite them over and do active couple things (whatever they may be).
  • Listen to Happy Music. I'm not saying don't listen to chill music, but if you're feeling particularly lethargic, put on some dancin' jams to get yourself a little more energized. Better still if they remind you of summer. Jay Park's "So Good," anyone?
"People don't notice whether it's winter or summer when they're happy."- Anton Chekhov
  • Say "Yes." If someone invites you to do something, say yes even if you're tired and don't want to. My fun New Year's night out in Gwangju? I almost didn't go because I was going to lounge about. Instead I went, I danced, and I ate delicious Mexican food. Even if you only go for a bit, say yes. 
  • Get Out of Town. Drive to a new town and do something. I took a bus to Daegu just to force myself to get moving. Enjoy the new place, walk around a bit, window shop. Just the process of having to get yourself ready for a day out helps keep you moving.
  • Eat Healthier. Listen, I enjoy ordering pizza as much as anyone who loves cheese, but I know eating that everyday will have me lazing about in bed faster than a sleeping pill. Fruits, vegetables, you know the deal. Eat 'em however you like, and get your body fueled with the good stuff. 
  • Indulge. Get a pedicure, take a bath, splurge on a massage. When you're feel particularly achy and tired and cold, indulge yourself someway, somehow. Even if it's venturing out to get a piece of delicious chocolate or, in my case, a goguma pastry, do it. You'll savor it even more.
  • Layer Smartly. Nothing sucks more than feeling like you're stuffed into your winter coat with multiple layers, and you still feel cold. When buying you clothes, think about how thick the material is. Three paper thin shirts don't do nearly as much as one thick sweater, right? Cheap yoga pants don't do nearly as much work as a nice pair of ponte knite leggings. Layer smartly so you wear less but still feel warm. 
  • Add on the Accessories. Gloves, scarves, head wear. You have no idea how much warmer you'll be with them.
  • Don't Forget Downtime, Though. Trust me, I'm not asking you to become Mary Freakin' Sunshine. Don't feel bad if you want a down day of eating pizza, watching movies by yourself, and chugging tea by the liter. Just don't let it be an everyday habit. 
What do you think? I think I'm doing pretty well not letting this winter get the best of me so far, so let me know how these tips go for you!

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