Favorites from Seoul Fashion Week S/S 2015

Since I've been doing some major vacation dreaming lately, and I'm over winter (that's always, though), I've been scrolling through the spring shows from Seoul Fashion Week, getting to know Korean designers a bit more, and thinking about my spring wardrobe. My process with looking at Fashion Weeks in general is to go to Style.com, scroll through the runway shows, pin my favorite looks, and then go through my Pinterest board to look at general trends I've favored or designers I unexpectedly loved. I don't really pay attention to who's name is on the design until I've decided twice that I like it on its own. This way I get to know my personal style a little better and indulge in one of my favorite past times- the art of fashion. Anyhow, here are some trends I noticed I was loving from Seoul Fashion Week, and I'm excited to see the street style interpretations and who wears what in the upcoming season!
seoul fashion week
Model from CARNET DU STYLE S/S 2015

B O L D  C O L O R  B L O C K 
I have this terrible feeling I'm using color block wrong, but you get my drift, right? The sort of bold, graphic prints... I really love the prints mixed with white. And doesn't the LIE piece remind you of a nineties TV show a bit?

A  T O U C H  O F  W H I M S Y
Whimsy, nature... I can pretty much picture a woodland fairy come to life floating around in all these outfits!

A L L  W H I T E
There were a lot of variations on white. I liked it in a looser, more feminine cut, and the pieces that used jewels or embroidery were gorgeous. I can't wait to see who wears that LIE SANGBONG piece at the bottom left corner; it's probably one of my favorites of the season.

Q U I R K Y  P R I N T S
I think living in Korea has made me much more receptive to quirky prints. They remind me why fashion is fun! The London telephone booth, numbers, hearts, scientific equations (I don't know what they're actually called...), candy-esque prints... Don't tell me you don't see that Jaison Couture piece and immediately think of button candy.

A L L  A B O U T  T H A T  W A I S T
I loveeedddd seeing defined waists everywhere. I don't know if its my love for T.Swift or the abundance of crop tops, but I'm kind of in to the peek-a-boo stomach look. How fun would that KYE look be on the red carpet with a black or nude pump, messy waves, and a smoky eye?

G I R L I S H  T O U C H E S
There's a reason one side of my style personality is feminine/girly. A little ruffle detail, baby doll style dress,  stripes, pastel colors... I love it all. 


Have you checked out Seoul Fashion Week? I've meet some expats that have been able to go. Hopefully someday. If you're kinda famous or have a famous blog or know someone with a famous blog, here's the site to apply for Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2015 in March.

Also here's my Seoul Fashion Week Pinterest board if you'd like to see more!


  1. Seoul fashion week was just spectacular!
    I've always been a fan of Korean fashion and those geometric patterns are just sensational

    1. THAT'S the phrase I was looking for, "geometric patterns!" Ah I loved them!