Seeing a Musical in Seoul

One of the main reasons I went to Seoul last weekend was to see the Gone with the Wind musical! Yes, they turned Gone with the Wind into a musical. Multiple times actually. This version is based off the French musical, Autant en emporte le vent. Being a fan of the novel, movie, and SNSD, of course I had to go see it! My friend was more than happy to join me, and I looked up when exactly Seohyun would be performing to see which dates worked best. Turns out Saturday was key, and after I got my tattoo, we headed over to enjoy the show. 
In terms of buying tickets, I actually called Seoul Arts Center, but you can easily book them online at Interpark. I wanted to do a bank transfer and not pay with a credit card, so I had to call. They texted me the account number for SAC, and I transferred the money right away. Easy, peasy. The musical was lovely, and even though it was all in Korean, I'm familiar enough with the story to know what was happening. Side note: If  you want a chance to see the stars, it's just like in the States-- go to the Stage Door. Except, I feel like in NYC it's a secret where the door is, but here it's very clearly labelled.
Can you spot Seohyun? It was actually pretty funny because all the other actors just rolled out without much fuss, and then the main stars came, and it was slight chaos. The main guy who played Rhett came, and all the ahjummas followed him out, and then everyone pretty much followed Seohyun once she came out. I suppose if you go a day that her famous friends come to watch, you'd see them as well. My advice? Get excited about the actors and actresses who aren't the main leads. You could probably get a picture with them or at least talk to them face to face to say how good they were. I wish I was more familiar with the other actors (next time!) because I didn't know who they were until they were gone, and I actually really like the actress who played Melly (we were standing next to her friends the whole time!). Anyhow, Bada, S.E.S., is also playing Scarlett, and she's actually in the musical a bit more frequently if you'd like to see her! 

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