Desktop Wallpaper Downloads

One of the things I'm mildly obsessed with are desktop wallpapers (or tablet/phone). They're kind of like the 21st century version of a beautiful book printing (remember William Blake used illuminated printing for his works). Anything from a good quote or a cheerful design, and I'm sold. I just discovered Love Design Fest, and Bri has a whole section dedicated to lovely desktop wallpaper downloads on her site. I combed through her archives because I like to know all my options before I pick something (and, ya know, I have half days of work for winter camp), and I picked out a few of my favorites. Click the "Click Here" link to go to the post with the site and her link for downloading.

What do you think? Can you guess which one I chose?
 There's a ton more desktop wallpaper downloads on her site!

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