Favorite Pinterest Clue Week Ideas

I am currently fresh off the bus from the final part of my travels and snuggled back in my apartment, prepping for some major rest. While I'm editing pictures and putting together posts to detail all the fun (and sometimes not so fun) experiences my first vacation as a young adult had, I thought I would do a little post on my favorite Pinterest Clue Week ideas. I wrote a brief post about clue week and the things I did for my little way back in the day, but I thought I'd share some more ideas that have been floating on my Pinterest boards. It's coming up big time for my friends still in college, and it can be both incredibly fun and incredibly stressful!

Nail Kit

inspired by this pin
How fun and easy would it be to put together a fun sorority themed nail kit for your little. Using ZTA as a base, here's what you'd need:
  • turquoise and silver nail polish
  • a base coat
  • a top coat (Sally Hansen Quick Dry is the best)
  • a cute nail file (sorority themed if possible)
  • a mini-manicure kit (cuticle pusher, buffer, etc)
  • nail polish-remover
  • bonus: sorority themed nail art (like the crown for ZTA) and/or her favorite colors
  • fun bonus: freak her out by telling her you have your nails painted in the colors you've given her, and let her search for them all week (don't actually paint your nails!)

Cheesy Posters She Can Hang Up

from this pin
I one-hundred percent copied this one for my little since the bunny is our "unofficial" animal. All sorts of other fun poster ideas are abundant on Pinterest. I also love this ZTA one, "only the berry best get crown" over a strawberry with the leaves as a five-pointed crown. Make one for each day, and either get someone to post it on her door or put it with her gifts.


from this pin
Make her some sorority-themed treats. Strawberries are an important symbol to ZTA, so this sugar cookie idea is a great one! Plus, you can work on it over the weekend. If you don't get a little, just share with your sisters. You could also do candy in the theme of your sorority's colors.

Balloons Are Always a Good Idea

inspired by this pin
Kind of. If you can go out and get balloons in either any color or, if you can, colors specific to the sorority/ her favorite colors, and fill her bedroom with them. Usually there's a roommate, suitemate, or RA that can lend a helping hand. I think this particular idea is so cute. Clear balloons filled with glitter! You could always leave small clues about your identity within the balloons, so she'd have to pop it to see what's inside (although, ex-nay on the glitter if that's the case...)

Real Art that Hints At Your Family

inspired by this pin
Get or create nice artwork that represents your family. Mine is the city, so pretty drawings or paintings of famous cities (art that she'd actually keep for a while and doesn't necessarily scream sorority) work perfectly. If it's an animal (like the ladybug) or nature (like stars/ moons/ flowers), find really nice artwork to give her. Again, this is something that you can do ahead of time, and if you don't get a little, you can keep for yourself!

Sharpie Mug

from this pin
Easy, right? I did this for my little, actually. Draw something on the mug, whatever you think is best, and bake it in the oven for thirty plus minutes. She can use the mug to drink out of (though I've heard the sharpie fades after a while) or to hold pens/pencils in on her desk.

Over to you guys! What are some crafty ideas you like? Have you had to put together theses kinds of crafts, whether for Clue Week or some other event? 

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