Winter Style Inspiration

This post is coming to you while I'm somewhere in Southeast Asia soaking in some Vitamin D (via intense SPF, of course) and exploring brand new cultures. Sorry, sorry. I know I've escaped dreary February, and now Valentine's Day is over so it really is a boring month. Don't worry, March is on the horizon, and with it the hope of a warmer April and a May that's definitely up there temperature wise. I can't wait to fold up my winter coats in a suitcase and pull out my pretty dresses! 

Until then, here's some winter style inspiration in case you're starting to get tired of wearing the same clothes over and over again.

F O R  T  H E  J E T S E T T E R 

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None of my style personalities are too keen on winter, but the Jet Setter is perhaps the most open to it. She relies heavily on hats, sunglasses, and huge scarves (made of faux fur or some warm looking material) to keep her stylish. Since she's more prone to bounce around a lot, her skin takes the hardest hit. Sunglasses keep her photo ready, and a good scarf hardly ever doesn't photograph well. She also really hates layering too much, so she wears much warmer materials, and has probably splurged on cashmere something at one point.

F O R  T H E  L A D Y

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The Lady hates the cold the absolute most. She's the one who loves floaty dresses, delicate materials, pretty shoes, and shiny baubles. All of which are very hard to pull off in windy snow storms. She's the one to abuse he tights the most, forever searching for the pair that withstands a gust of cold air. She also is the most defiant in wearing a jacket, hating the shape it gives her. She is about layers, though. She keeps it interesting by wearing more statement necklaces. Since they fall on top of her sweaters, the metal doesn't freeze to her skin like earrings or bracelets might, and statement necklaces are more prone to getting neck sweat in the warmer months.

F O R  T H E  A R T I S T

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The Artist hates the winter mostly because she hates pants and prefers being barefoot. She does like hot tea and cable knit sweaters, though, so that's kind of a balance. She's the most likely to be bundled up and cozy, and she'd take those hefty jackets and make them look cool somehow or another. She also wears the most sensible shoes, not minding snow boots. She will also most likely have her hair longest in the winter mostly to keep her ears warm. If she wears a hat of some sort, she's probably hiding the fact that she's avoiding washing her hair because it takes forever to dry, and wet hair is the worst when the temperature is in the teens (or sub zero in Celsius). 

And some little tips for dressing stylishly in winter:

  • Double up on your tights. Leggings underneath tights, two pairs of leggings, leggings underneath yoga pants, you get the deal. If you can find them, get fleece lined leggings. They're a game changer.
  • Invest in a really good jacket. I need to do this. Find a jacket with downing on the inside so you can wear a thin shirt underneath and still be perfectly warm. 
  • Over all, though, make sure you're wearing thicker materials in general. Want to rock a skirt? Try to find ones made of wool or ponte knit. Cable knit sweaters are much warmer than thin skater ones. 
  • Scarves and Gloves. They make such a difference. Buy a thick infinity scarf and let me know how much better life is walking to class or work. 
  • Socks over the ankles. I used to only have the heel socks. You know the ones that slip off your heel in almost every shoe but your workout sneaker. Yeah, them. And my ankles got cold. And then my feet were cold. And then I was cold because the top of your head and your feet are where heat escapes the most. Socks over the ankles easily tuck into your pants (or buy black ones and tuck them in when you're wearing tights!) and don't slip down. Happy feet, happy person.
  • Find good winter boots. Screw heels and flats in the winter, find a pair of boots that are all sorts of warm and fuzzy on the inside, and rock those sucker until the ground thaws out.
Got any tips or winter style inspiration? In the mean time, here's how to beat the cold

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