5 Apps for Travel

Once upon a time, I wrote an article about 5 Apps You Need in Your Life. Some of those apps are now wholly unneeded (like the Light one, since iOS now includes a flashlight!), and I am obviously not the same person using my phone as I was almost two years ago. Since I'm living abroad and traveling quite frequently within Korea and without, I thought I'd list 5 of best apps for travel.
  • A Banking App- This is excellent if you need to make quick transfers or want to quickly check your balance to make sure you're staying under budget. Most banks should have their own mobile app by now.
  • VSCO Cam- I feel like a lot of instagrams I see use VSCO cam. It costs money, but it's worth it as it's the photo app I use and abuse. I first hard about from Love Taza.
  • Viber- Again! Seriously, though, there's no better way to keep in touch with friends. Kakao Talk is great for Asian countries, but it's a very messy app for me. WhatsApp costs money, and not everyone as an iPhone to use iMessage. Hence, Viber is perfect! Their sticker game is also pretty strong.
  • XE Currency- A quick and easy way to check to see how far your money goes wherever you travel.  
  • Facebook (and its messenger app)- I know, Facebook sees like a necessary evil, and you should unplug while away. However, nothing connects us more, and having it on your phone can be an easy way to communicate. Also, it's a way to connect with friends when you least expect it! Like one of the guys that studied abroad at my university my freshman year is going to be in Bangkok the same time as us! Crazy, right?

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