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I'm so excited to introduce you all to the newest addition to the Boss Life series! Nikita is actually a fellow Washington College alum, but unlike me, who only state-border-hopped to attend school, she traveled half-way across the world from Nepal. While she knew she was going to be studying business management, she also knew she was interested in art. She was able to combine her interest in art and business by focusing on marketing, something she plans to pursue further. 

After graduation in 2013, she returned to her hometown in order to work with her family's travel agency, Shangri-la Holidays, and was given the responsibility of Suvayatra.com.

"We had been working with Thamel.com (one of the biggest online companies in Nepal) in order to improve our hotels' websites, and that's when the owner Bal Joshi and my uncle, Prabin Panday, got the idea of Suvayatra.com," she explains. "Now I and my partner, Prabha Gautam, along with the Shangri-La Holidays team look after [it]." 
"Suvayatra in Nepali means 'suva' good, 'yatra' travels; [the site] is an online travel portal which caters to clients on a personal bass according to their travel requirements." 
Suvayatra.com, of course, is not a simple travel website. "We are more like your personal travel advisor/planner. [The site] offers its clients a wide range of destinations to choose from, giving the best prices, hotels, and, most importantly, what the client is really looking for. We do not believe in building packages and sending off our clients... We are different in terms of the way we deal with our clients; I really don't know how many companies here actually pay attention and look at the individual needs of the client."

On her favorite Suvayatra package: "I would choose any of the inbound packages that we have, especially the ones for Mustang, or Far East Nepal. I haven't been able to discover this part of the world and would love to, because there is so much this country has to offer, and I can't wait to explore, and also provide my clients with the best experience and packages."

"A modern woman should inspire and be an inspiration, be creative, not be afraid to dream, and make it happen. Don't follow the trend, but set it. Always stand out, and just be who you love being."
So, what is it like to be a little over eighteen months out of college and helping to build a unique travel website? Interesting to say the least. "Coming home after being away for almost fourteen years is a challenge on its own. To create a place for yourself, make friends, get connected to people, and to just understand how Kathmandu's social dynamics function..." 

Nikita describes how hectic life in Nepal can get. "We have so many festivals, almost every month. Kathmandu is a really small place, so I get to meet my friends and family almost every other day." She has also been working on her health, shedding 20 kgs of college weight and working towards becoming more fit. 

"For now, I am really focused on Suvayatra.com, but I also plan to pursue my Masters this year. In the future, I hope I am able to create more markets for home based brands, mostly for clothing, and I am looking into exporting traditional jewelries and accessories from Nepal. I am also going to try to ensure that Suvayatra.com will make an impact on the tourism industry and promote the country."

And what's her number one travel tip? "I would say be open to everything. Travel is a part of learning on its own. Find yourself and really enjoy the moment in front of you."

Check out Suvayatra.

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