Single for Valentine's Day

So, it's Valentine's Day, aka Single Awareness Day, and you're single. AKA no date. AKA no booty call possibilities. AKA no murky friends with benefits. You. are. single. Heck, you might not even have a pet fish to pretend is your significant other. Part of you wants to angrily stab heart shaped balloons right down the middle, and another part of you wants to sob into a empty box of chocolates that you consumed in a matter of minutes (even the flavors you hate). It sucks to be single on Valentine's Day. I get it. I've been single for twenty-two years without any slight hope for any V-Day surprise from any boy on the planet, and yet I still maintain that it is my absolute favorite holiday. One day my husband will surprise me with some delicious homemade dinner (salmon, *cough*), and we'll snuggle on the couch watching a romantic comedy that he won't cringe through too much.
Until that day comes however, I've been single for Valentine's Day long enough to know how to survive it and to even enjoy it. So here ya go,  a comprehensive guide to surviving being single on the day of love.
  • Refuse to be bitter. Come on, don't be bitter! Don't roll your eyes when one of the girls in your office gets flowers. Don't spout inane facts about the day or go on about how it's a Hallmark holiday. Just accept that it's a mushy-gushy love day that even the most clueless guy can step it up for. Be happy for love or its many manifestations. 
  • Buy yourself flowers. Send them to your desk if you really want to, but that seems more like you're pretending to have someone special. No, the day before go out to the flower shop or grocery store and just pick yourself up the prettiest flowers you see, and set them on a table to enjoy.
  • Treat yourself to a little spa day. V-Day falls on a Saturday this year, so that means you'll have all day off. I'm not sure how popular it is for couples to do spa days on Valentine's Day, but try to book yourself a day of total relaxation--pedicure, manicure, massage, you name it. Splurge on yourself. If you can't, there's a trillion and ten ideas for DIY spa days at home.
  • Make or order something absolutely delicious. Whether it's pizza or a new recipe you want to try, do it. Make a huge meal, pour yourself a glass of wine (or tea in my case!), sit down, and savor it. Maybe over a movie.
  • Get together with other single friends. Only if those girls are fairly positive as well. There's nothing sadder than a bunch of bitter friends mulling over their perpetual aloneness on a love day. And you won't feel better afterwards either.
  • Watch a movie. In your own home. Rent a movie, one that you've been dying to see or looks good, and kick back with some popcorn. If you want something romantic, I have the perfect list of movies to choose from. Or
  • Read a book. Read a book, a magazine, whatever you want. Enjoy it. 
See? It's not so bad being single for Valentine's Day. I'm actually going to be on a huge, long travel day, moving from one location another!

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