An Angkor Wat Sunrise

One of the things you have to do in Siem Reap is see an Angkor Wat sunrise. While it has become much more of a touristy thing to do in recent years (you will no longer "beat the crowds" by waking up at the crack of dawn), it's worth it to see. Wherever you're staying, you should be able to have a tuk-tuk driver come and take you up. 

In terms of getting that perfect photograph, I advise getting ride down to the lake area where most people are crowded in, and sort of finagle your way through to the front to minimize the amount of people in the shot. Be very patient. For me the magic happened when the sun began to rise and the reflection was crystal clear in the lake. With some cropping and straightening in post-editing I got a shot I'm quite happy with. On the day I went it was a bit overcast, so it's not the "fire"-esque look you might see on in other pictures, which are really stunning.

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