It's Here! Lilly Pulitzer for Target

Collaged from Refinery 29 & Target
Oh, man, do I miss Target. Maybe it's a good thing it's not here, or else I'd be in real trouble. With winter still trying to hold on in these cold mornings, I'm ready for warm weather and flowers and sun more than ever. And what better to get me excited than the reveal of the Lilly Pulitzer for Target collection! Yay! A pink background, resort prints, pineapple sandals. Guys, I can feel the rays of some Florida beach right. now.

Now, I know. I'm the chick that loves black and white and solid prints. And you're totally right. Scanning through the collection fills me with summertime happiness, but actually choosing which items I'd want to buy and wear erry day, all day is a different matter entirely. I bought a green and blue striped dress once and almost hyperventilated at the colors on me. What I did find myself drawn to were the navy and white patterns and mixes. If black and white are my winter colors, navy and white are my summer ones. There's something so crisp about the contrast, so classic. I'm pretty pumped that Lilly has it in abundance, and the accessories are gold.

Here's what I'm deciding between in terms of convincing my sister to run out to the nearest Target next month and pick up for me.

Collaged from Refinery 29 & Target

What do you think? What's your favorite piece? I'm so jonesin' for those pineapple sandals!

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