Big Eyes 2014

Do you watch The Hollywood Reporter round tables on Youtube? They're amazing. If you ever need an hour of sheer inspiration, put on one these. Since I'm not big in the movie circuit (I always hear about movies after they've long been out!), I only just discovered Amy Adam's latest effort with Big Eyes via the 2014 actress round table. Interestingly, all of the actresses were playing real life people, which may be an indicator of where good cinema is headed. Let's hope for less sequels and more real stories! 

Anyhow, Big Eyes ibased off of the life of Margaret Keane. The movie begins with Margaret fleeing from her first husband with her young daughter for California. She doesn't know much of the world, and, from her own admission, she hasn't belonged to herself her whole life. She can paint, though, and her paintings have a distinct doe-eyed appearance. It is when she is trying to sell her abilities in the park that she meets Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz), a charming, charismatic man who sweeps her off her feet, promises her the world, and marries her quickly. He claims to be a painter himself, having studied in France. He tries to sell Margaret's paintings and when one misunderstanding points him as the artist, he convinces Margaret to allow him to sell her paintings under his own name.

The real story is so crazy, it's hard to believe it hasn't been made into a proper movie before now. Better yet, none other than Tim Burton directs it! Adams really does disappear into her character (actually, has anyone noticed how good she is at doing that? Compare Catch Me if You Can to Enchanted to American Hustler to Big Eyes), and the rest of the cast is amazing. It's a movie that reflects the real Margaret Keane--quietly strong. The ending will leave you more than satisfied (as will the real story).

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