Office Design Inspiration

After about five months, I have finally accumulated and gotten rid of any furniture I wanted or didn't need, and now I'm starting to see my apartment come together in a single cohesive design. Now if I could just muster the energy to finish scraping and painting the few walls I have left... 

Anyhow, I decided my extra room was going to be a closet-home office-guestroom type deal with my clothes spread out and arranged like decorations. One of the girls who left had a floor couch that rolls out to be a pretty lovely bed for a guest, and one of the guys who left had the perfect, white Ikea desk. Now that I've managed to move myself away from my main room couch and floor desk, I thought I'd start looking into creating a more cohesive design. My colors are black, gold, and white, with maybe a little bit of red. I need my office space to be both inspirational and productive (aka a pretty way for me to indulge in my list making habits). Here are some office design inspiration that have got my DIY-creativity wheel turning.
Love the gold legs and the world map painting!
Um, perfect! Plus, sometimes the answer to this is the exact opposite of what you should do.

What do you think? What do you normal look at for office design inspiration and what colors would you want?
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