In the Republic of Zubrowka

From National Geographic, who used the image from 20th Century Fox
So I finally watched Wes Anderson's latest effort, The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). I really don't know why it takes me so long to watch movies, particularly when I love the aesthetics of the director. I know he's not everyone's cup of tea, but he's definitely mine. I feel like I find endless inspiration from Anderson movie stills, whether I've seen the movie or not. I swear I knew all about The Royal Tenenbaums long before I actually sat down and watched it. Same story with Moonrise Kingdom. I had this graphic saved to my Pinterest for ages of The Grand Budapest Hotel

Anyhow, the film is stunning, as ought to be expected, and the story was told with the same Anderson flair. You might find this movie a bit sadder than Moonrise, but it still has the same humor and comedic delivery as always. Ralph Fiennes was brilliant, and if you think of the fact that he's also Voldemort (among a trillion other amazing roles), your head might explode a little. The only thing that will make it explode more is when you find out Tony Revolori, who plays Zero, was born in 1996. 
From National Geographic, who used it from 20th Century Fox
The story is unique in its nostalgia as it presents this man, M. Gustave (Fiennes) attempting to live in a civilization that simply does not exist anymore. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a magnificent place of rich luxury in a fictional country, the Republic of Zubrowka, and the main story takes place in between the wars. The absurd and seemingly silly plot is meant to juxtapose the real horror of the war that happened and the war that will come. Small comedic moments are easily undercut by mentions of the war, and even the initial happy ending is quickly stripped away in the epilogue. If Moonrise tapped into the nostalgia of youth and adventure, Moonrise taps in the nostalgia of a time and land that simply can no longer exist. 

If anything, watch this movies for the stunning visuals! 

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